(Minghui.org) I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I would first like to send greetings to esteemed Master and fellow practitioners. I want to share briefly some of my cultivation experiences during the war.

I have stayed in Kyiv since the war broke out. I did not hide in an air raid shelter and chose to sleep in my own house. I firmly believed that everything would get better.

Waruntina (left), a Falun Gong practitioner in Ukraine, hands out information and a handmade lotus flower to residents in Kyiv.

Three Falun Gong practitioners live in my area. One spoke of something she saw in another dimension. She saw Master above the houses of Dafa disciples protecting them. The houses glowed. In contrast, the houses of nonpractitioners were dark. She also saw how cruise missiles flew past practitioners’ residences. I wept, moved by Master’s compassion while listening to the practitioner describe what she had seen.

One night, our apartment building shook from the impact of a violent explosion. My neighbors fled into the streets in fear, but I did not hear anything. Instead, I slept peacefully, as if I was in another dimension. If I had heard the explosion, I would probably have been scared. Master protected me from the impact of the explosion. I have escaped danger on many occasions.

When the bombings started, I did not think about leaving. I longed to go out to distribute information about Dafa to let more people know about the beauty of the mind-body practice. I wanted every apartment and every residence to have a flier about Dafa. I had one simple thought: that people’s minds would be calm like mine once they knew about Dafa. So I went out every day to give out fliers.

During that time, the sound of bombs exploding was constantly above my head. Military attacks took place in an area 30 kilometers (18 miles) from where I live. However, handing out information helped me overcome my fear. I was able to talk to people calmly.

People seemed pleased to accept the handmade lotus flowers with the message “Falun Dafa is good” and fliers. I often felt that Master was beside me. This gave me a lot of encouragement. My faith in Master increased day by day.

The lotus flowers we give to people come from Taiwan. We are grateful to practitioners in Taiwan for sending us these gifts. People often accept them with joy and smiles on their faces. In such difficult times, it is wonderful to be able to make others smile.

Through this short article, I wish to express my deep respect and gratitude to Master for everything he has done for his disciples.