(Minghui.org) The outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19) began in Wuhan at the end of 2019, and spread rapidly across China and the world. This caused panic around the globe. Most of the cities in China announced a citywide lockdown, which caused an unprecedented interruption to our normal group Fa study and clarifying the truth to save people.

I understood, based on the Fa, that this plague is a serious test to every Dafa practitioner⸺have we truly cultivated ourselves. I did not relax my cultivation and truth-clarification because of the challenging environment. Instead, I broke through the lockdown, and awakened the conscience of sentient beings without letting up. During the process, many amazing things happened to validate Dafa’s mighty virtue and Master’s infinite grace, which I would like to share with fellow practitioners.

Community Unlocked After Three Days

During the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not think of the people’s difficulties and how to solve them, but focuses on stabilizing its regime. It first tried to conceal the pandemic. When the virus spread rapidly and could not be hidden anymore, it took extreme measures, such as “city lockdown”, “wartime control,” and it even adopted the Cultural Revolution style violence to maintain stability. All of this caused the Chinese people great misery.

The city where I live launched the citywide lockdown in March 2020. The buses were suspended for a long time and the body temperature checkpoints were everywhere⸺in the streets and alleys. Every community required an identification card (ID) to enter and leave. My community was very strict about the rules and only issued two passes per family, and did not allow any outsiders to enter the community. The group Fa-study at my home had to stop.

I understood, based on the Fa, that Dafa practitioners have already matured on the path of Fa-rectification over the past 20 years. The gods directing the plague have eyes and there was nothing to worry about for good people, not to mention Dafa practitioners. 

I realized the challenge is that many of us still have human notions and fear tribulations. After realizing it, I sent righteous thoughts first and then visited a few Fa-study group coordinators. The communities where the coordinators live were also under strict lockdown. But, miraculously, the guard only checked my temperature and let me in, without checking my ID. I shared my understanding with the coordinators, and we agreed that we must insist on cultivating in Dafa and doing the three things well during the Fa-rectification period, no matter how the cultivation environment changes. We all had a rational understanding of the pandemic and got rid of our fears. The Fa-study groups and truth-clarification gradually returned to normal.

The new Indian variant of the CCP virus spread again in our area in May 2021. It was said that the new variant was very contagious, which caused great panic to the entire city. The government not only ordered city lockdown and road closure, but also forced everyone to take a PCR test and get vaccinated. 

One day, as I was getting ready to go out and take some truth-clarification materials to a few Fa-study groups, I heard a sudden knock on the door. It was three people wearing white protective suits, and a community security guard. They informed me that a family in my building were in close contact with an infected person and were already taken to another location, and isolated. Everyone in the building must be quarantined at home for at least 21 days, and all the front doors would be sealed. There would be personnel coming over the next day to give PCR tests. I expressed the absurdness of the decision, and stated that I did not even have food to eat. However, they still sealed my door, stating that they were just following orders.

I was puzzled after they left. I am a Dafa practitioner and I have been cultivating Dafa since 1994. I also clarified the truth to the neighbors in the community. The area surrounding my home should be filled with positive energy. Anyway, there should not have been people infected with the CCP virus.

I looked within and understood that there may be a few possible reasons. Since I never did the PCR test or got vaccinated, nor did I want that poisonous thing to contaminate my body, this maybe a test for me. Nevertheless, I should never be interfered with by the old forces. In addition, if I were to quarantine at home for 21 days, it would delay my saving sentient beings significantly. This was the old forces preventing us from saving sentient beings and should not be allowed. I must send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. 

In addition, I looked within and found my attachments. I helped send forth righteous thoughts for a few practitioners who had been interfered with by illness karma for a long time. However I became impatient and even held resentment when I saw them still emphasizing their physical pain, but failing to look within. My attachment is dangerous and I must get rid of it through cultivation. I should also patiently share my understanding of the Fa with them, be kind in my tone and try my best to help them.

My mind became clear after I found my attachments. I believed Master makes the best arrangements for me and decided to use the time to recite the Fa and cultivate well at home. I also played music downloaded from the Minghui website every day to clean the surrounding environment. The next day when the officials came with the PCR test, they did not mention vaccination. On the third day of the quarantine, someone knocked on my door. It was my neighbor, and he told me that the lockdown for the community was lifted as the person who had close contact with infected person was not infected. We were really lucky that the quarantine was lifted within only three days. I thanked Master sincerely for his arrangement. This tribulation not only improved my xinxing, but also let me witness the miraculous effect of Dafa when I had a firm belief in Master and the Fa. I went out again to distribute truth-clarification materials in the afternoon.

Saving People with Righteous Thoughts and Wisdom

Through group Fa-study and experience-sharing, we understood that we can always go out to clarify the truth no matter how severe the pandemic, as long as we have strong righteous thoughts and get rid of our human attachments. 

In addition to passing out truth-clarification materials on the streets, we also collected the phone numbers of relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who had difficulty accepting the truth. We sent the list to the Minghui website, relying on overseas practitioners to help us clarify the truth by calling them. 

For example, a practitioner got a copy of her husband’s address book with nearly 200 people from the army (as her husband used to be in the army). A practitioner who was an executive of a large private company contributed nearly 500 phone numbers. Another elderly practitioner collected the names and phone numbers of police officers and community officers by checking the public postings around the streets. Yet another practitioner collected the store business cards in the business district. I went through more than 10,000 phone lists and sent them to the Minghui website over time. Some practitioners' friends and coworkers received the truth-clarification phone calls from overseas. They were surprised about Falun Dafa’s presence all over the world and praised Falun Dafa. Some local community officers told us, “Falun Gong is powerful. Whenever Falun Gong practitioners here are wronged, the number of phone calls to our office explodes.”

Many public entertainment venues in our city have been closed due to the pandemic. The restaurant industry and open market are also very depressed. People rarely greet each other anymore. This has caused a lot of trouble for us to clarify the truth face-to-face. However I found there were still many people dancing and exercising at the parks, most not wearing masks, which is a good opportunity to clarify the truth. 

We tried to find a safe way that was acceptable to people. Dafa opened up our wisdom and helped us. We were inspired by the Chinese classical dance demonstrated by Fei Tian Academy of the Arts. Several practitioners who had some basic dance skills learned some by imitation. We also downloaded a number of music songs from the Minghui and Zhengjian website and compiled a few easy-to-learn Chinese classical dance training routines for all ages. We rehearsed first, and then went to a park to demonstrate. On the first day, someone was interested and asked questions. We used the opportunity to chat with them and persuaded them to withdraw from the CCP. Later some elderly people wanted to learn, and we taught them. We chatted about prevention of the plague and naturally clarified the truth to them. They were happy to hear the truth about Dafa and the CCP, and agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations.

A new practitioner has two daughters who had not yet obtained the Fa due to various obstacles. She wanted to lead them into Dafa cultivation using the opportunity of teaching them Chinese classical dance, as it is natural for young girls to love beauty and be active. They agreed. I taught the two girls Chinese dance while introducing Falun Dafa to them as the opportunity arose. One girl looked a little unwell and preoccupied. I told her that we should smile, have a peaceful demeanor and a joyful mind while performing Chinese classical dance. Gradually her complexion turned rosy and she smiled. 

I understood that since Chinese classical dance was created by Master, it naturally has the power of Dafa in it. Although the music was created by Dafa practitioners, it also has the energy of Master’s blessing in it. When people receive the positive energy, the bad things and evil spirits in their body will naturally disintegrate. 

Later, that practitioner told me that her daughter became much more open-minded and often communicated with her, something that rarely happened in the past. Her two daughters are now studying the Fa. One daughter said her mood has improved a lot and her manager at work also treated her better and gave her a raise. Soon after, many Udumbara flowers bloomed on the balcony of their homes.

We understand that the Udumbara flowers blooming is Master’s encouragement to Dafa practitioners at a critical moment when the pandemic is still spreading and many regions are under lockdown and quarantine. We must be diligent and persistent in doing the three things well and saving sentient beings with righteous thoughts.