(Minghui.org) I used to suffer from many health problems and nearly died of cancer in 1998. Fortunately, I was introduced to Falun Dafa at that critical time.

I learned the first and third Dafa exercises when I first went to a practice site. I had diarrhea after returning home and a fever a few days later. I thought I was tired and had gotten sick and didn’t realize it was Master purifying my body.

I thought that I wasn’t suitable to practice Falun Dafa, as I had such a serious illness. I thought it could relapse and I would die. It was impossible for me not to think about it, and I eventually stopped practicing.

Master said, “If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

The cancer recurred in January 1999, and I was admitted to a large hospital in Beijing where I shared a room. The other patient’s condition was worse than mine. Seeing that she was reading Zhuan Falun, I talked about it with her. She shared her understandings with me and said, “Master does not ask you to let go of your illnesses all at once, but gradually, as you cultivate.”

She told me about the miracle that happened to her after she practiced Dafa. Her words jolted me, and I decided to practice Dafa again. After my surgery, I didn’t wait for the sutures to be removed and went home. I realized that it was Master’s arrangement for me to meet that person.

I started practicing Falun Dafa in February 1999, and it took about two months for me to recover. I had been given IVs in the hospital to treat the cancer, and just before May 1 I realized that I should stop getting them. I decided to give the medicine I had, worth at least 10,000 yuan, to my cousin who worked in a hospital in my hometown, as someone there might need it. I went back to my hometown during the holiday and my cousin insisted that I continue with the treatment.

I went to the hospital to get another IV, but the nurse couldn’t get the needle in, no matter how hard she tried. It was Master’s hint that there was no need to have infusions.

Another nurse came in and managed to insert the needle, but after a while the liquid spurted out. The nurse was at a loss as to why it was happening and decided to stop the infusion. When I returned home, I noticed that the veins in my arm where the infusion took place were all black. My arm felt numb, and it took over six months to recover.

Remaining Steadfast in Dafa

Not long after I started practicing Falun Dafa, the persecution began, in July 1999. I knew the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) information about Dafa was false and they were framing and slandering Dafa. I went to Beijing with my daughter to appeal for Dafa on October 1, 2000. We were arrested on Tiananmen Square. I was given one year of forced labor. My daughter was a minor, but we were still held in a detention center for over nine months. She even was tortured, shocked with electric batons.

My daughter and I have been arrested several times since then, and our home ransacked multiple times. I have been held in detention centers, labor camps, and brainwashing centers. I was not allowed to work, and my daughter was not allowed to go to school.

My husband divorced me due to the stress, while my daughter and I were detained in 2000. His family hated me and accused me of being selfish. They said that I had ruined my child’s life. My salary was suspended and I was expelled from the CCP. My own parents were old and sick. They cried a lot and worried about me. They came to the detention center and the labor camp to advise me to give up the practice. At that time, all kinds of pressures were pushing down on me. It was just like what Master said, “... Abundant troubles rain down together ...” (“Tempering the Will,” Hong Yin)

Given such an evil situation, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, and friends were frightened and thought that practicing Falun Dafa was too dangerous. Many people thought I was strange and avoided me, but some good-hearted people pitied me and kindly tried to persuade me to stop practicing. Some who knew that I used to have cancer thought I would die soon the way things were. I did have symptoms of serious sickness a few times when I was tortured in detention, but no matter what happened, I never worried about it and never doubted Dafa.

Under Master’s protection, I didn’t die and had more energy. I looked much younger than people my age. Over the years, I have been clarifying the truth in various ways and slowly people have changed their views about me. Later, I was allowed to go back to work. My employer paid me the suspended salary for the years that I was not allowed to work. My ex-husband returned. Now, my colleagues and neighbors praise me as being young and strong. I clarified the truth to them. Some of them told me, “You don’t need to say anymore. The facts speak for themselves. I know Dafa is good just by looking at you.”

Saving People in Different Ways

Clarifying the truth has become part of our life. My daughter and I talked about Falun Dafa and traditional Chinese culture to the inmates and guards when we were detained. We also talked to family members during mealtimes, to people we met when shopping, while waiting at traffic lights, to colleagues and neighbors, my ex-husband and his family members, and so on. We advised them all to quit the CCP and its youth organizations.

When some said disrespectful things, I remained calm and patient. Gradually many people acknowledged Dafa and quit the Party. During the Chinese New Year, we mail letters to clarify the truth instead of greeting cards. When we visit my parents in the countryside, we distribute truth-clarifying materials. We can distribute 500 or 600 copies each time. We have a car we use just when we clarify the truth that has no license plate.

I was a teacher before I retired. I clarified the truth to my students. If a student objected, I was not worried. I first praised him for asking questions and showing his intelligence. Then I suggested we discuss the topic further after class. They would then stop objecting.

I have been retired for 10 years. My family runs a Dafa informational material production site. When I go out, I seize every opportunity to clarify the truth and try to not miss anyone with a predestined relationship.

During the pandemic, it was difficult to distribute materials. My daughter, son-in-law, and I would go out to distribute materials door to door. We only took the stairs in high-rise buildings. Sometimes, we would climb 30 floors to the top of a building. There are usually four or five families on each floor. Under Master’s protection, even I, a nearly 70-year-old woman, would not feel too tired to climb those stairs. Although entering a building usually requires swiping an access card, we manage to get in following someone with a card or via the underground parking lot.

As long as we have the heart to save people, Master has arranged everything for us. Three of us can deliver hundreds of brochures in one night. We make a note of the buildings we visit to avoid repeating ourselves. For safety, we do not distribute materials to the same place repeatedly but go to a different place each time. It normally takes half a month to finish one area.

A few days ago, a nephew in my hometown got married. I prepared about 650 copies of truth-clarifying materials including amulets, greeting cards, and so on. On the front of the greeting card is a beautiful doll. On the back wrote what to do to keep safe during the pandemic and advised people to keep the card with them. Many people were very happy to accept the greeting cards and expressed their gratitude.

I visited the newly retired Party secretary of the village committee before I returned home. He had been advised before to quit the CCP. I told him that there would be a plague in the future and advised him how to save the people in the village if it happened. He was happy to see me and said that he would welcome me to his home again when I would come back next time.

In short, I am very busy every day. There are lots of things to do to save people and time is short.

My Ex-husband’s Attitude Changes

After my husband and I divorced, he wanted to start a new family. He had relationships with different women, some that lasted a few days and others a few years. Finally, after more than 10 years of being single, he remarried. Shortly after, however, the woman sued him for divorce, demanding thousands in compensation. Fortunately, he didn’t lose that much in court. He was nearly 70 by then and had no choice but return to us. We didn’t complain, comforted him, and took care of him with sincerity.

He had hurt me and my daughter in the past. However, he helped us to improve our xinxing, to get rid of my attachment to sentimentality, and to eliminate a lot of karma. I did go through a process of heartbreak, sadness, and resentment. It was Dafa that changed me. I turned the sentimentality into compassion. I felt that he was pitiful. I also felt guilty because he would not have gained so much karma if I had cultivated better.

He has changed a lot because of our sincerity. He acknowledges Dafa and even helps us clarify the truth. He drives us to purchase materials and wants to practice Dafa as well. His family members were also moved to see how well we treated him.

More than 20 years have passed. Looking back, there are still a lot of regrets, but we can’t go back in time. What we can do is to cultivate well, save more people, not leave any regrets, fulfill our mission, and follow Master home.