(Minghui.org) My name is Xiuying Zhang and I am 69 years old. I come from Guan County, Shangdong Province. I once lived on Chengbei Street in Guan County. I used to be a “living dead” person in the eyes of my neighbors. How did I get this nickname? My story should start with the birth of my second daughter.

My family preferred sons to daughters. The birth of my second daughter left me depressed and suffering from a host of health problems that hit me one after another. I suffered from a gastric ulcer, a duodenal ulcer, gastritis, appendicitis, high blood pressure, liver problems, gallstones, breast hyperplasia, and heart disease. I was 5 feet 3 inches tall but my weight fell to 32 kilos.

I visited different hospitals nationwide and took medications for many years, but I didn’t get any better. Finally, the doctors at the 301 Hospital in Beijing and Beijing Xiehe Hospital told my husband to just take me home and make me comfortable. They implied that my life was coming to an end. My family members didn’t want to wait for my death and do nothing, so they took me to see witch doctors. Nothing helped. I was literally waiting for death.

On November 12, 1992, the Guan County Party Committee and the Qigong Association invited Master Li Hongzhi to the Guan County Old Carders Activity Center. On the morning of November 13 my husband put me on his bicycle and brought me there. I was very dizzy and not able to stand in the line myself, so my husband stood in the line for me. Master was in another room seeing patients.

When it was my turn, Master kindly asked what was wrong with me. He asked me to close my eyes and patted the top of my head and my body with his hand several times. Others said that it sounded loud. I suddenly became so hot that I was soaked in sweat. I felt that the shackles that had dragged me down for so many years had fallen off. I felt wonderful! When Master asked me to open my eyes, I saw sacred scenes in other dimensions. Master asked me to close my eyes again. When I opened them again, I saw this dimension.

At that very moment, all my illnesses disappeared! I was so happy! I felt so blessed! I wanted very much to kowtow to Master. But on second thought, I didn’t want to bother Master. My enlightenment was poor back then. I didn’t kowtow to Master. It’s the biggest regret of my life!

I told Master that I hadn’t ridden a bicycle for many years but now I had the urge to do it. Master told me to go ride a bicycle. I rode my bicycle around the yard several times. Everyone applauded for me. I was so blessed!

The western room at the Guan County Old Carders Activity Center. The room with the double metal doors was where Master treated me.

I rode my bicycle all the way home. I could do household chores again! I could go to work again! News of Falun Dafa's miracle quickly spread all over our small county.

At that moment I made a pledge in my heart: “Master gave me a second life and I would let more people know Falun Dafa and diligently practice it.”

I attended the Falun Dafa classes Master gave in Guan County. Later on I attended all nine lectures Master gave at Linqing, Jinan (twice), Changchun, Dalian, Harbin, Yanji, and Guangzhou. I improved rapidly at that time. I have walked on the great path of cultivation and told people about Falun Dafa ever since.

At the classes in Guan County, I experienced whatever Master said. About the great cosmic orbit Master said, “The Great Cosmic Orbit is the movement of the eight Extra Meridians, and it goes around the entire body to complete one cycle. If the Great Cosmic Orbit is opened, it will bring about a state in which a person can levitate off the ground. That’s what is meant by “ascending in broad daylight,” as mentioned in The Book of Elixir.” (Chapter II, Falun Gong)

That night when I lay down and was about to sleep, I felt my body fly up but I was still covered with the blanket. Because I didn’t want to show off, I didn’t tell the other practitioners about this.

I experienced another miracle. I rode my bicycle to work. I didn’t see any problems with the tires or the frame. But my husband told me three days later, “This bicycle hasn’t been used for five years. Shall we pump up the tires? He tried to pump air into the tires but they immediately went flat. The tires leaked. He pulled out the valve core. There was no cap on it, so the air had leaked out.

On the morning of November 18, 1992, I invited Master to my rented home in Beijie Village. This was the bridge Master walked across (it was later removed in a county redevelopment program).

This was my rented house at Beijie. A big black dog was tied to the gate. It usually barked fiercely at any visitors. When Master came in, the dog lay on the ground, wagged its tail, and didn’t bark at all.

The sofa Master sat on.

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 30 years. I always remember Master’s teaching to take the Fa as the Master! When I do the three things, I strictly comply with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. No matter how far the path for validating the Fa is, I will continue to progress diligently, fulfill my pre-historic mission, reach consummation, and return to my true home with Master!

Thank you, Master! Thank you, all!