(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to attend two Falun Gong lecture sessions in two northeastern cities of China in 1994. Whenever I recall what Master Li did for us in those classes, I feel so excited and happy.

My first encounter with Falun Gong was in a dream in August 1993. I saw a man in his early 40s, much taller than I (I was 6-foot tall), with a rosy and radiant face. Dressed in a blue shirt, he led me to walk in a northeastly direction. We climbed up a mountain with many poplar trees and beautiful meadows. I kept talking while walking. He kept walking and sometimes turned back to look at me smiling, but never said a word. I woke up shortly after. 

Lecture Session in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

One year later, I attended Master’s nine-day lecture session starting on August 5, 1994. It was held in the hockey stadium in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. 

On the second day after the lecture, Master stood at the northwest corner of the stadium looking at us. I sat on the west side, 4th row, 19th seat, about 35 yards away from Master. All of sudden, I saw Master standing in front of me, less than half a yard away. His face was rosy and radiant, young and handsome, full of compassion.

I recognized that he was the man in my dream a year ago. I also felt that Master was like a relative whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. I was very excited and happy. My tears came down and my vision was blurred. When trying to see him clearly, I saw him still standing where he was – the northwest corner. (Note: This was the author’s experience with seeing scenes with his celestial eye, where other people may not have had that experience.)

Master told us on that day that he wanted us to feel as if we were illness-free. He started with the people on the west side, asking all of them to stand up and lift their left foot. Then he counted “one, two, three” and asked us to stomp the foot. Then we did the right foot. Afterward, Teacher told us to relax.

I truly felt refreshed and relaxed. When stomping my feet, I saw Master’s right hand grabbing bad things out of our bodies and cleansing them. (Note: This was what the author saw through his celestial eye again.) Then Master did the same thing to the people on the east side and cleansed their bodies. There were over 4,000 people in the stadium. One can imagine how excited people became afterward.

I started to have the symptom of a slight fever and discomfort on the third day. (Note: According to Falun Gong teachings, when Master cleanses students’ bodies to help them start cultivation practice, students may feel discomfort; that was normal because this suffering was to eliminate some karma for the students.)

Veteran practitioners told me that Master was cleansing my body and I would be fine in a few days – no need to take medicine. Even with the discomfort, I was full of joy. Like a kid, I kept skipping along the sidewalk when going home after the lecture. I couldn’t describe my happiness at that time. I was 53 years old, but I just couldn’t contain the joy coming out of my heart.

On the third day, Master arranged the stage lighting to focus on him, so that the audience could see him better. I saw Master frequently pulling his collar up – the hot weather and baking stage lights had wet the back of his shirt. I was very moved, because he was always so considerate of us practitioners.

The class ended on August 12, 1994. I then went to a relative’s home in Hailin City, Heilongjiang Province, preparing to attend Master’s next lecture session in Yanji City, Jilin Province. 

Lecture Session in Yanji City, Jilin Province

I still had a fever when leaving for the lecture. On the way to Yanji through Mudanjiang, I wished that my fever would disappear soon so that it wouldn't interfere with my attending the class. Surprisingly, when I arrived at the destination, my temperature returned to normal.

Five relatives came with me and four of them tended to have motion sickness. We brought a lot of snacks and fruits and kept eating them on the bus. We finished all of them upon arriving. It was not until then did we realize that no one had car sickness during this trip. In fact, two of us always had serious car sickness. We did not know that Master had taken care of us already.

After the lecture session finished, my relatives told me that none of them was car sick on their way back home either! I was so happy for them and for myself – I finally had found Dafa, something I had been waiting for.

After arriving home, I recommended Falun Gong to many people. Soon after, we established a local site for group study and a group exercise site. We introduced Falun Gong to people and played the audio and video of Master’s lectures for them. That was how many people started practicing Falun Gong in our region.