(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners have experienced the magnificent power of the ancient spiritual discipline in different ways, such as people recovering from terminal illnesses in days, illiterate people learning to read Dafa books, and women in their 80s operating computers and printing informational booklets.

In some cases, items that practitioners or their friends have lost, including Dafa books gone for over 20 years, have reappeared.

One practitioner set up a practice site in her home after she took up Falun Dafa in 1998. After the Chinese communist regime started the persecution a year later, she was put on the government’s blacklist and eventually arrested. Fearing the police would confiscate her Falun Dafa books, she asked her sister to keep them for her. When she was detained, her sister became so frightened that she threw them away without telling her.

Not long ago, the practitioner’s family moved. Her husband gave her a box and told her to keep it in a safe place. Thinking there were valuable items such as cash or bank deposit notes inside, the practitioner was surprised to see her lost Falun Dafa books when she opened the box. Even the book covers she’d put on two decades before were still intact. She felt that Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, must be encouraging her and urging her to cultivate more diligently.

In recent years, due to her previous arrests, the practitioner has been sending text messages, instead of talking to people face to face, to raise awareness about the persecution.

As a way to control such phones, the authorities have placed many restrictions on cellphone sim cards. On the way to a funeral, the practitioner brought a new sim card with her, planning to use the time in the car to send text messages, only to accidentally drop the card under the seat, where she couldn’t reach it.

She was very upset with herself. Then her cousin suggested that she look again in her purse. Even though she’d clearly seen the sim card fall under the seat, she was overjoyed to find it in a small pocket in her purse, where she had looked several times previously. She thanked Master again for helping her.

Something similar happened to a practitioner’s friend.

In 2009 the practitioner stayed over at her friend’s place and persuaded her to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

The next morning, the friend realized that she’d lost her key to the safe at work. She spent the entire morning looking for it at home but couldn’t find it. She’d recently gone on a trip out of town and was worried that she’d lost it then.

The practitioner reminded her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and it would help her.

She recited the phrases as she opened the door to look outside. “I found it!” She shouted a second later and came back in to show the practitioner the key. The key had been laying on the grass in front of her door—where she had looked before but didn’t see it.

She jumped around with the key above her head, exclaiming, “What a coincidence! Thank you so much!”

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