(Minghui.org) Another practitioner, Hua, asked me for help to repair an old pocket-sized copy of Zhuan Falun. It belonged to her sister-in-law, and some pages were loose. Hua tried to use glue to fix it. Unfortunately, the printing on a few pages became blurred. She then asked me to find another practitioner who could print those pages.

I approached Ling and discovered she had a laser printer. I told her a practitioner needed help printing out a few pages for a copy of Zhuan Falun. She agreed but one day later, she said she didn’t have the right file and couldn’t help out. She asked me to find someone else. I accepted the fact calmly, but inside, I held resentment towards her. 

I had no idea how I could help Hua, so I walked to practitioner Fen’s home. She was not there. I then knocked on her mother’s door who was at home alone. I was surprised to see Fen’s mother. She was in her 90s. I’d heard that she suffered severe sickness karma at the end of 2021. But now her face was rosy and her hair was black. I asked her what happened. She said, “I changed last year. My hair used to be white.” I understood; it was an illusion that she had sickness karma. It was actually Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) who cleansed her body.

On my way back home, I felt like I was filled with good news when I clarified the truth about Dafa to people. Why? I had been worried about my mother’s cultivation state. She is 85, and she didn’t have the attachment of fear and was really good at talking to people. But now she was experiencing breathing difficulty and leg pain. She hadn’t left the house for a long time. The changes which occurred to the 90-year-old practitioner demonstrated the amazing power of Dafa. The senior practitioner has one daughter, also a cultivator, who lives with her. So her changes reflected the state of both her and her daughter. So I thought that I should also cultivate myself well.

I then wondered, “Wasn’t this arranged by Master? If Ling had printed those few pages, why would I go to see Fen? If Fen was at home, how could I meet her mother? If I didn’t see her mother, how would I have seen the amazing changes in her? I now consider it an illusion that Ling didn’t help me out. It is Master who gives me confidence in cultivation!”

I took a nap recently and had a dream. I was about to take the college entrance exam and had several sets of practice tests. I said to a classmate that I would make a greater effort, as I had a poor foundation. However, I became distracted. A very tall dry-erase board then appeared in front of me. I knew that Master was hinting that I pay more attention to Fa study and quit being busy with doing things. 

Master Li is with every disciple. We shouldn’t be puzzled by any illusion. Everything is arranged by Him!