(Minghui.org) Fellow practitioner Lian is in her 60s. She has rosy cheeks and is very energetic. Her smile is sweet and genuine.

A few days ago, Lian told me what had happened to her on February 1, 2022 (Chinese New Year Day). It was a frightening moment, but she talked about it with such calm and peace.

She told me that she fell asleep on the sofa that night. Half asleep, she felt something in her mouth, so she grabbed it and put it on the coffee table.

After a while she felt something again, so she grabbed it again. But the thing was very sticky, so she turned on the light and saw two pieces of blood clots on the coffee table, and blood all over the cushion and blanket!

She went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror – there was blood all over her face and hands. She was still bleeding and spit out blood clots one after another.

Master’s teaching appeared in her mind: “What is immortal? Human mentalities do not exist.” (“Distinction Between Human and Enlightened Beings,” Hong Yin)

She thought to herself: “This is a good thing. Master is purifying my body.”

She calmly cleaned the mess and used a cotton ball to stop the bleeding of her tooth. She then cleaned the blanket and cushion cover, while memorizing the Fa in the meantime. She had no discomfort, no toothache. She was deeply grateful to Master. It was such a small hole in the tooth, but so many blood clots came out of it. Amazing!

After the morning exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, she had some breakfast and went out to clarify the truth about the persecution again.

“That is so scary and you were not afraid?” I exclaimed.

“My first thought was Fa and Master. I wanted to assimilate to Dafa. But there was also a negative thought that struck me: ‘You will die soon. When all your blood runs out, you will be done with.’ I responded with a righteous thought: ‘I am a Dafa practitioner, not an ordinary person. If you dare to harm me, I will eliminate you. I won’t allow any negative thoughts to disturb me.”

“I kept reminding myself: I am a cultivator and I am a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. It is a good thing. Master is purifying my body.”

She also held onto this thought: “I am a being of the new cosmos. I only have righteous thoughts. I will change my human notion.”

Listening to her story, I knew her righteous thoughts came from a solid foundation in Dafa cultivation. She began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. She has been studying at least three lectures of Zhuan Falun every day since then, sometimes with her legs crossed. She said the intensive Fa-study is wonderful. In addition, she sent forth righteous thoughts over ten times a day and went out to clarify the truth daily.

As soon as she obtained Dafa, she started to tell people about the wonder of Dafa and promote Dafa so others can also be blessed. Later after the persecution began, she exposed the illegality of the persecution as well. On average, she was able to persuade over 20 people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its related organizations a day.

“I am so happy to clarify the truth and save people. Seeing the people coming and going on the street, I feel that time is not enough.”

Lian talked about the facts in very simple language. But I can feel the compassion and positive energy in her words.

In my opinion, that is the righteous faith of a Dafa practitioner, knowing that sentient beings had been waiting for eons to hear the truth and be saved.