(Minghui.org) I have been sentenced twice, and served a total of ten years for my faith, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its nationwide campaign against Falun Dafa in July 1999. My husband does not practice Falun Dafa himself, but he has also suffered tremendously while witnessing the persecution of me and our son, who was given a forced labor term of over one-year in 2001, when he was not even 20 yet, also due to his faith in Dafa.

Despite the persecution, my husband has always supported me and our son over the years, even when he risked losing his job. Because of his righteous support, he has also received blessings in return.

Supporting My Faith in Dafa

Since I took up Dafa in 1996, my husband has always respected Dafa and Master Li, the founder of Dafa.

In August 1999, one month after the persecution took place, my husband happened to listen to an interview of Master Li by a foreign media. He told me that Master’s voice was extraordinary and had a strong penetrating power from different realms of the universe. His comment encouraged me to uphold my faith in the practice during the darkest days, when the state media frantically was slandereding Dafa and Master Li.

After I was incarcerated not long after the persecution began, my husband didn’t want my parents to panic or worry so he told them that I was on an extended business trip to an underdeveloped country, and that I could not directly contact them. He then began to take very good care of them. After my mother passed away, he continued to care for my father and fulfilled the family responsibility for me.

While I was appealing a wrongful prison sentence in February 2001, my husband requested to meet me alone before the trial. The judge of the higher court told him that he would be permitted to meet me only if he agreed to persuade me to renounce Dafa, and after that I could be released.

When he met me, he only asked me to take good care of myself. He didn’t tell me about how the judge threatened him or that our son had been locked up in the forced labor camp. He later told me that he knew I would not renounce my faith regardless the circumstances and he respected my decision, despite the pressure he had to face all by himself.

I was imprisoned for the second time in 2007. Seeing that I was very tired and emaciated when he visited me, he asked if I had been tortured, and checked my body for scars. He told the prison guards that I had the right to have my own faith, and it was abuse of power to forcefully make someone renounce their faith. He reported the guards’ brutality to the prison’s administration. Due to his courageous action, the prison environment improved a lot.

My Husband Is Proud of Us

My husband and I worked in the same workplace, where we both held important positions. After I was incarcerated, someone wanted to remove my husband from his position. To protect him and his job, I told him to divorce me, but he refused.

He never missed an opportunity to visit me in prison. He even scheduled his business trips around the designated visiting dates. He told me that regardless of what others said about us, he always held his head high because he believed what we did was right, and he was proud of me and our son!

My husband has received blessings because he supports our faith while Dafa practitioners are persecuted in China. He still holds an important position, and his salary and benefits have never been affected, and are even better than some colleagues at the same level. We know that this is because Dafa’s Master has been watching over him!