(Minghui.org) After I finished my shift at a tourist site, I went to wait for the bus. Two arrived simultaneously, and the first bus driver gestured for me to take the next one. I wondered if I’d done something wrong, but then I thought it might be Master’s arrangement, that there might be people in the second bus I needed to talk to. As soon as I got on the bus, I saw two Chinese people. I chatted with them briefly and helped them quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

When I recently took the bus home, I missed my stop, so I had to walk back. I thought to myself, “Nothing that happens to practitioners is accidental. Maybe I will meet someone I should clarify the truth to.”

I soon noticed a man walking toward me. It was after 9 p.m. and I couldn’t make out whether he was Chinese or not. I had materials in both English and Chinese. When I heard him talking on the phone in Chinese I said, “Hello, young man. Are you Chinese?” He said he was, so I went on, “I am a volunteer and I help people quit the CCP. Have you ever joined any CCP organizations?” He replied, “Just the Young Pioneers.”

I told him about Falun Dafa. I said if he could remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” he would be blessed. I told him about the CCP's persecution of Falun Dafa and how practitioners’ organs are harvested while they are still alive. I also explained that the CCP initially concealed the COVID outbreak in China. I offered to help him quit the Young Pioneers, one of the CCP organizations, and picked an alias for him. He thanked me and took the English language materials as well as some Chinese pamphlets and CDs of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

He hadn’t hung up the phone, so his friend on the other end heard our conversation. I could hear the friend shouting, “Say hello to Master Li for me! Falun Dafa is good. I watch NTDTV every day. I am anti-CCP.” I said, “That’s wonderful! Why don’t I help you quit the CCP, too.” He said he’d been a Young Pioneer. He then picked an alias and asked if I could help him quit. He asked his friend I was talking to pick up some truth-clarification materials for him. I could feel that people are waiting to be saved.

Saving People at Work

I work at a university cafeteria as a cleaner. I talk to students while I clean their tables and tell them the truth about Dafa and the persecution.

A few days ago, seven students were eating together, and one of them told me that he had quit the CCP ten years ago. He then helped me get the other six to quit the CCP. Except for one girl who had left China when she was young and grew up in the U.S., the other five students quit the CCP. One of them was a CCP member. One was hostile to Falun Dafa previously but this time he quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I wrote down a helpful website for them on their napkins. They all took the information, including the one who was hostile before. I thought after he had quit the Party, he was no longer being controlled by the bad elements and he was willing to take the information.

One day, a mother and daughter came to the cafeteria to eat. I helped them quit the CCP. When they left, the daughter came to say goodbye and thanked me.

At the beginning of every semester, many new students arrive on campus. I pass out flyers and little origami lotus flowers so more students can understand the truth.

Saving People Anytime, Anywhere

I live in a hotel/condo. Many people live here. When I go down to get the mail, I bring truth-clarification materials in English with me. The security guards and cleaning staff have all read the materials and understand the truth, so they are understanding of what I do. Even though I don’t speak English well, I can sense their kindness and friendliness. Once, there were many people in the elevator, and I began handing out pamphlets. The security guard helped me pass them out to the people I could not reach. Sometimes people leave the flyers around downstairs. A female security guard picks them up and drops them off at my condo unit—she just slips them under my door. People are positioning themselves with their attitude towards Dafa. Her knowing side knows that every flyer is an invitation to heaven.

Participating in the Global Rescue Platform

I am part of the Urgent Rescue Group of the Global Rescue Team. We phone the law enforcement authorities in China and talk to them about those who have been tried illegally and those who’ve been arrested and should be released.

So that those who are involved in illegal trials can understand the facts and make the right choice, we call them three times before the trial, twice before it and once on the actual day.

Below is a case that was dismissed on the day of the trial.

One afternoon in 2021, I followed up with an imminent illegal trial. A practitioner was to be put on trial that day.

I was connected to the presiding judge and we spoke for a minute and 50 seconds. When he answered, I told him that I wished him well in this time of chaos, what with the pandemic and the devastating floods in China. Before I was able to clarify the truth, he interrupted and asked, “What do you want?” I replied, “I would like to ask you to dismiss the trial today as you are the judge.” He said, “I dismissed the case already.” I said, “You have done the right thing.” He said, “No need to say anymore.” Then he hung up.

Three days later, I heard that, on the day of the trial, the practitioner was indeed released. Even the lawyer was surprised, because the practitioner was supposed to be held in custody until the next day, but he was released the afternoon of the trial.

I’m always very touched when I read the feedback from practitioners in China. We are one body. I know it’s the result of practitioners inside and outside China cooperating. Everything is overseen and arranged by Master. And yet, we are given the mighty virtue. I thought that was the best encouragement for the team and all those who participated.

Calling to Get Practitioners Released

We also respond to urgent cases—those who have been taken to a police station within the last 24 hours. As soon as we get the notice, whether we are sleeping or eating, studying the Fa or doing the exercises, we put everything down and go online. We call the phone numbers of those responsible. If they answer, we tell them that it is a crime to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners and please do not do it. If they release the practitioner, they will be blessed. The calls wake up the police officers and also add our righteous thoughts to those who have been kidnapped. This way they know they are not alone and that we are behind them. We work together inside and outside of China to save the people at the police station.

After some police officers understand the truth, they release the practitioners that day, or later, after more of us phone them.

I sincerely thank Master, who provides us with such a platform to gather our power to rescue fellow practitioners and save those in law enforcement.

Fellow practitioners, let us remind each other to be more diligent, fulfill our vows, and accomplish our missions.