(Minghui.org) I have benefited tremendously since I took up Falun Dafa, a mind-body practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a nationwide campaign against the practice in July 1999, I have been raising awareness of the persecution by talking to people face-to-face and distributing informational materials.

Several times I was almost detained for my truth-clarification efforts, but I managed to avert danger with strong faith in Falun Dafa and its founder Master Li. During this process, I was also able to let go of fear and do better afterwards.

In 2008, a practitioner in my area died as a result of the persecution. To expose the perpetrators’ evil deeds, our local practitioners produced many adhesive posters with related information including the deceased practitioner’s photo. After the posters were ready, however, very few practitioners dared to go out and put them up, resulting in more than 200 A3-sized (about 11 in x 17 in) posters piled up there.

Seeing this situation, I thought, “That practitioner has died as a result of the suppression. What’s there to be afraid of?” I then went out to put the posters up during the day. From one end of the street to the other, I covered many places especially where people often gathered. I had no fear and was not worried about surveillance cameras.

I was not that brave in the past. I had strong fear and was hesitant to talk with strangers about Falun Dafa. Very often I went out and came back again without mentioning Falun Dafa to anyone. When that happened, I would feel very guilty. This time, somehow my righteous thoughts were strong and the fear faded.

It took me about two days to finish these 200 plus posters. When doing sitting meditation in the evening, I saw through my celestial eye that a mountain had been removed by Master. I understood that this was my fear, which manifested as a mountain in another dimension. I no longer had fear from then on.

A Few Encounters On the Street

One day in 2011, I went out to clarify the truth, with Dafa materials in my hand. When coming across a man in his 40s, he did not accept the pamphlet I handed to him. Instead, he grabbed my arm and did not let go.

“What are you doing?” I said to him, “I have important things to do. Let me go.”

But he did not stop and dragged me all the way to the community administration office – it turned out he was the head of the office.

He called the police and several officers arrived to take me to the police department. Upon arriving there, I had no fear. In addition to telling them the facts of Falun Dafa and the illegality of the persecution, I also kept sending righteous thoughts and asking Master for help. They let me go in the evening.

On the following day, I went out again and ran into the community administration office head again. He was shocked to see me and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Well, I need to help local residents to know the persecution is wrong so they can break away from the CCP lies,” I replied, “That is why I am here.”

He did not say anything.

Later on, his attitude improved. When seeing me delivering materials or talking with others about Dafa again, he never reported me again. In addition, he asked me for updated materials from time to time. I was really happy for him.

Another time, I was talking to people about the CCP’s brutality against the Chinese people and the ongoing suppression of Falun Dafa in China, when a man in his 40s or 50s came up. I gave him a pamphlet and urged him to quit the CCP to avoid sinking with the regime. He happily agreed to do so.

He then took out his ID and showed it to me. “Do you who I am? I am a police officer here,” he said to me, “Please take care.” He then left. I was pleased to see he chose to help a Dafa practitioner in this way.

Once in 2016, I gave a copy of Dafa material to a young man.

“Hey! Do you know what I am? I am a police officer!” he said.

“Police officers also need to tell right from wrong for a good future,” I replied.

But he insisted on me going with him and I turned around and started to run. He ran after me. Noticing him getting closer and closer, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts, “I am a Dafa practitioner coming here to save people. It’s not something you can meddle with.” I also asked Master for help.

He immediately stopped and I was very thankful.

A City Park

A couple of years ago, I noticed that a lot of retired government employees liked to gather at a park in front of the city government. However, hardly any practitioners went there. I decided to cover the park so the retirees there could also hear the truth.

The first time I went, the retirees shook their heads and refused to accept the pamphlets I gave them. In addition, they said bad things about Dafa. I could not give out any materials and returned home. “I cannot abandon them like this,” I thought, “I need to go there again.”

Right as I arrived there the following day, over 10 police officers surrounded me. It turned out they had heard about this and were already there waiting for me. After being pushed into the police van, I began to share my own experience.

“If you keep in mind ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,’ you will be blessed,” I said to them.

Halfway to the police department, they stopped the vehicle and asked me to get out. Thinking they were joking, I did not move.

“You can go home now,” several of them said.

I got out of the car and went back home.

The next day, I went to the park again. “I have to save them and cannot give up,” I thought. Upon arriving there, I found people all looking at me with a strange look – after all, they had all seen me being arrested the day before. I took out pamphlets and handed them out. Some of the retirees began to accept the materials. Although I only distributed several copies on that day, I knew it was a good starting point.

The following day, I went there again and more people were accepting materials. A few days later, I showed up as usual and even more people took the materials. I gave out an entire bag of materials in a short time. After that I went there on a weekly basis with materials such as Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Minghui periodicals, and audio files.

I continued like this for a couple of years.

“These materials are very good,” people told me.

“I have been waiting for you for several days, can you come here more often [with updated materials]?” one of them asked.

Seeing them willing to accept information related to Falun Dafa, I began to talk with them about quitting the CCP. Almost all of them agreed and most of them were CCP members.

People who went to the park often changed from time to time. I kept going there and helping them, and one group of parkgoers after another learn the facts and were saved.

“I joined the Party 35 years ago – Never thought I could quit it one day,” one person said with relief.

Because of my truth-clarification efforts, I was arrested a few times. But each time I returned home safely thanks to Master’s protection. I am very grateful for that.