(Minghui.org) I am a 57-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from rural China. Before I started to cultivate in 2004, I was sick with a serious heart condition. My family would avoid telling me any news that could potentially excite or disappoint me, as emotional distress would cause me to pass out.

Once, my sister-in-law and her husband visited my mother-in-law. Since we hadn’t seen them for a long time, my husband decided to bring me along, too, as I seemed to be in good spirits that day. However, I was so happy to see them, I passed out as soon as we started to speak. Group gatherings became quite risky given my condition, so I often avoided participating in festivities.

I also couldn’t do much work due to my allergies. For instance, I couldn’t help harvest the corn in the fall because I would itch all over if I touched it. Because of my poor health, my mother-in-law tried to invite the spirits of foxes and weasels home with offerings, but this failed to help.

In 2004, when my uncle died, I went to offer my condolences. Because I was so sad, I passed out again. My brother had been practicing Falun Dafa, an ancient spiritual and meditation discipline, for several years by that time. After I came to, he said, “Sister, I told you to practice Dafa with me. You didn’t want to and look at you now...” His sincere persuasion moved me, so I got the Dafa books from him.

As I started to do the Falun Dafa exercises and study its teachings, my heart soon regained its health, and I haven’t had any heart issues since. That convinced my husband, and he also started to practice Dafa.

In 2006, one day, I started to itch all over. I didn’t realize that Master Li (Dafa’s founder) was helping me to cleanse my body because I had skin allergies before. Every day, I’d scratch until the skin became dark and rough. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and purchased a skin medicine and infused it at home.

After the infusion, my husband took me to my mother’s place and I stayed overnight. By the next day, my head was incredibly swollen. My face was unrecognizable, even my ears had swelled up. In fact, my whole body was swollen.

When my husband came to pick me up, he was shocked. When I got home, I still itched all over and wanted to scratch. As soon as I did, the skin broke and started to ooze bloody fluid and pus. It itched from my face all the way to my feet. Apart from my nails, all the skin covering my body and even my eyes were affected.

I had to lay down a protective sheet before I sat or slept on the bed, and I covered my arms and legs with tissue paper. The skin on my face was festering and my eyes grew swollen. I had to force my eyelids open to see, and the residue in my eyes blurred my vision. I tried not to move about too much to avoid dirtying everything. The wounds continued to weep and had a fishy odor.

Fortunately, we had a good heating system, so I could sit in my loose top and pants. Sometimes, I’d listen to Master’s lectures and read a few pages of Zhuan Falun. Because I could not take care of myself, my husband had to find odd jobs to do near our home.

One day when he came home, he said, “Why does the house stink?” He discovered that the stench was coming from my head, because the oozing wounds on my scalp had soaked my hair. He got a big basin and washed my hair twice with soda and salt. The stuff he washed out was sticky and stinky.

At that time, my whole body was swollen and raw—I looked like a burn victim. I heard people whispering that I might not have many days left.

I knew in my own heart that the initial itchiness was Master cleansing my body. After so many years of medications and infusions, I had built up so much filth in my body. But because I didn’t want to bear it, I went to the clinic for an infusion. Although my body looked terrible, I luckily didn’t feel any pain. I later realized that Master bore the pain for me. My skin continued to ooze pus for the next four months until it suddenly stopped one day and scabs began to form. The swelling went down, too, and after all the scabs healed, there wasn’t a trace of scarring.

In 2008, I was struck by unexplained muscle weakness and it was quite severe. I heard this condition was basically incurable, like most cancers. I would scream in pain from the slightest touch and even struggled to lift my hands and hold chopsticks. I couldn’t even turn the button on the stove to heat up food, and I had no appetite.

I was so sad that I couldn’t stand up to do the Falun Dafa exercises because the bottoms of my feet hurt so much. This went on for over two years, until one day I was determined to finish all the exercises. Even though it felt like I was standing on a million needles, I told myself that I had overcome this tribulation today.

I cried out, “Master, save me!” Instantly, I felt that the substance was gone from my body. The prickling pain in my feet faded, so I could finally complete the exercises. From that point on, my health gradually returned to normal.

I cannot express the extent of my gratitude to Master. He changed me from a notoriously ill person to a healthy one and gave me a new life.