(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1996 at age 30. My main cultivation environment is my workplace. I have worked hard to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Following the Principle of Truthfulness

When the company I work for needed to sell some used materials, the general manager asked me to put an ad on WeChat. I don’t use WeChat, because I know it contains spyware, so I asked the division director if he could assign someone else to the task. Days later, the division director said that others had tried, but none of them was able to sell anything. Thus he still wanted me to post an ad. He also said, “If you don’t want to do this, you can write a report saying that you put an ad online but nobody responded.” Upon hearing that, I kept silent, thinking that as a practitioner, I should follow the Dafa principle of Truthfulness and not lie. I thus wrote an ad and ran it online.

Unexpectedly, I received many calls and visits from buyers over the following days. Some offered a price they were willing to pay. One person offered a very high price for an item. Out of kindness, I asked him a few times, “Are you sure about the price you are offering?” He always answered a firm, “yes.” Finally we smoothly completed the sale. His offer was five times higher than the value the manager expected to get for the item.

Refusing to Cheat

Most employees in our company are expected to attend safety training and get certified. Those who pass the test must be re-certified every three years. This year, due to the pandemic, the safety training and test were done online. The trainees must use the computer camera so the examiners could watch, and thus prevent people from cheating.

However, this method didn’t prevent cheating. My colleagues connected their computers, and paid test-takers to sit at the monitor that was connected to the computers. One day, a colleague who didn’t need the safety training came to our office while this was going on. Seeing more people than usual, he asked why they were there. Someone said, “We are all cheaters helping the people who paid us to pass the test.” I noticed that the person who spoke had a large Chinese Communist Party emblem on his chest.

However, I did the lessons myself and didn’t cheat like the others did. I passed the test through my own effort and knowledge.

Success After “Considering Others First”

I needed to complete the advanced professional title examination one year. Before the English test I tried to memorize as many new words as possible. But one day before the test, a colleague asked me if they could borrow the vocabulary book I was using. Thinking that as a practitioner I should consider others first, I lent her the book. Without this book, I just focused on another English book, which was not as popular. To my surprise, some of the questions on the exam were from what I read in that book the previous day. I smoothly passed the exam, but the colleague who borrowed my book did not.

Cultivating Myself Amid Conflicts

My company hired some contractors to do maintenance on the computers. One server suddenly shut down for unknown reasons, and since this computer contained important financial data, my manager came over and scolded me angrily without investigating who was responsible for the problem. Although I was not responsible, I endured the insult and worked with the contractors to identify what was wrong with the computer. We eventually got the computer working properly. I passed that test, but I still had some feelings in my heart of being wronged and mistreated. However, I became calm in mind when I thought of Master’s teaching:

“Ren is a powerful thing, and it surpasses Zhen and Shan.” (Chapter III, Falun Gong)

This test made me realize that I still had a long way to go to achieve the state of passing tests while keeping my heart unmoved. I should cultivate diligently and try to achieve the state of facing adversity without feeling wronged as soon as I could.

I am grateful to Master Li Hongzhi (founder of Falun Dafa) for his compassion. Falun Dafa is a wonderful spiritual practice. I hope all people with a predestined relationship will attain the Fa and morally benefit.