(Minghui.org) After reading My Understanding of Dafa Practitioners’ Supernatural Powers on Minghui.org, I recalled my experience prior to the 2008 Olympic games.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created lies to persecute Falun Dafa. Using the excuse that practitioners would go to Beijing to petition, the local police arrested more than 20 practitioners from my city. I was arrested by one of the branch offices on April 25, 2008.

A man, who said that his surname was Li, claimed that he came from the provincial office. Along with two people from the branch office, he handcuffed me to a metal chair and stabbed my finger with a large needle. When I sent righteous thoughts, he knew what I was doing and said, “This chap is sending forth righteous thoughts.”

I recalled a cultivation experience sharing article by a practitioner that said that when we meet with trouble and are going through a tribulation, Master is enduring hardships for us.

I knew that Master was right by my side so I told Master in my heart, “This evil person is doing evil deeds, he is not worthy of Master enduring this hardship for him. I also do not want to take this hardship. This persecution is baseless. I will use righteous thoughts to stop the evil and transfer the pain to the person who is committing the evil deed.”

The man stabbed my finger with the needle and honestly, I did not feel any pain. I knew that Master was protecting me!

Just as he finished stabbing me with the first needle, he received a call telling him that his wife was sick and her condition was very serious. She was having chest pains. He said that she had not had any chest pain in the past.

After hanging up the phone, he stabbed me with a second needle. As he was halfway through with the second needle, he received another call again saying that his wife was not going to make it. She was foaming at the mouth and was going to die. They asked him to hurry home.

After the needles were removed from my fingers, I went downstairs and saw that he was cleaning his car. He had not left because after he removed the needles, he received a call saying that his wife had recovered.

The pain from the needles in my fingers was transferred to the evil doer’s family. I walked up to him and was thinking of saying something to him, but he lowered his head as though he understood something, like a child who had done a bad deed.

I was sent to a forced labor camp for three years. Due to my insufficient righteous thoughts, I did not do really well at the camp. After exchanging thoughts with fellow practitioners, I realized that some of them were memorizing Zhuan Falun and I had only memorized up until the Second Talk. I tried to memorize whatever I could recall, but it was in bits and pieces. I therefore made up my mind to persist in memorizing the Fa when I returned home. I have since copied and memorized the Fa many times.

On the path of cultivation, it is really full of wonders and miracles with the accompaniment of the Fa.

As I am not good at expressing myself and this is the first time that I have submitted an article. Kindly correct me if there are any room for improvement. Heshi.