(Minghui.org) I am 90 years old. My family used to be rather large when I was younger. Several elderly family members lived with us, as well as a few children. My husband was the only one with an income supporting our family. I stayed home and took care of our elderly family members and our children.

Our life was very hard. However, I was offered a job when I was in my 30s. With this additional income, we stayed afloat. After a number of years, my children grew up, and started their own families.

However, my life did not get any easier. I was saddled with several health issues, including cholecystitis, hepatitis, bronchitis, blood in my urine, and other ailments, which worsened over time.

Then I stepped on a banana peel one day. I slipped and fell and broke my kneecap in several places. The doctor put metal pins into my kneecap to hold the pieces together, which were removed when I had healed. I walked with a limp. I was made to retire before my retirement age.

Being Purified: Cultivating in Falun Dafa

Living in hardship throughout my life, I had never expected that I could come across a great opportunity to cultivate in Falun Dafa when I got older.

I went to a park in June 1997, and I saw many people doing the Falun Dafa exercises. I thought to also practice Falun Dafa. With that thought, I found a practitioner in my subdivision and watched Master’s video lecture on the Fa with her. That night I felt very hot and could not sleep.

I learned later that Master had purified my body and given me a Falun. I then started listening to the Fa and doing the exercises every day.

Within a week I recovered from all my illnesses. My legs also recovered, and I walked more and more briskly. I had no problem doing the second exercise the Falun Standing Stance. I even did the meditation with my legs in the full-lotus position. I could also walk for two or three hours without feeling tired.

Master saved me from misery! Whenever I thought of the life I had before, I felt extremely fortunate. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Master.

From Being Illiterate to Becoming Literate

I joined the group exercises in the park every day. I also wanted to read Dafa books and obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun.

However, I could not read. I only attended a few night classes to learn reading years before, but I had forgotten everything over time. I didn't know what to do. I felt sad, not being able to read Zhuan Falun.

However, compassionate Master saw my difficulties and always helped me enlighten to additional Fa principles when I listened to Fa lectures. At the group Fa study, I tried to read Zhuan Falun following everyone’s reading. Using that approach, I gradually learned more and more characters.

The more I read the Fa, the more I loved to read. Now I can read the Fa by myself. I read two lectures of Zhuan Falun every day, and I also read Master’s other teachings and the Minghui Weekly. I don’t need reading glasses to read either.

My son asked me, “Mom, you have never gone to school. How can you read the traditional Chinese characters?” I told him that Master taught me. Besides reading, I listen to practitioners’ sharing articles for two to three hours in the evening too.

Extending Life for Cultivation

After my husband passed away in 2009, my children asked me to live with them. However, I insisted on living by myself.

I did not want them to limit me going out due to worrying about me. I understand that Master extended my life for me to cultivate, not for me to live an ordinary life.

I do the exercises twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I do the Standing Stance Exercise for one hour and the sitting meditation in the full-lotus position for an hour and a half.

I get up at 3:30 a.m. every day. After doing the morning exercises I read the Fa and after breakfast, I go out and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

I am in good health with a straight back and clear eyesight. I am energetic and go up and down five-floor buildings easily without feeling tired.

I help other practitioners to distribute informational Dafa materials and the persecution. Sometimes, when I ran out of Dafa materials, I distributed QR codes for people to read online so that they could recognize the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP)’s lies and the lies in their propaganda.

After the epidemic broke out, I passed out amulets to people who had predestined relationships with Dafa. I want to help the kindhearted people to escape disaster, and to help those poisoned by the CCP’s lies to wake up and quit the CCP organizations.

We persuaded more than a dozen people each day to quit the CCP. Fellow practitioners and I took turns talking to people and we supported one another with righteous thoughts.

Benefiting from Practicing Dafa

One day, I accidentally fell down the slope on the side of the street when distributing calendars with Falun Dafa information. I broke out in a cold sweat and thought, “If I were an ordinary person, I would not be able to survive this.”

I walked home by myself and didn’t take any medication. I kept doing the exercises and recovered within one week. I knew that I have Master’s protection and would be okay.

I am in good health and take care of myself. I do my own cooking and laundry. My daughter and daughter-in-law are very filial. They often come to help me clean my home and bring me groceries.

My pension is 3,000 yuan per month. I don’t see doctors and don’t take medicine, and my children don’t want my money. The money is more than enough for me. Master does not want a penny from me and gave me the health that money can’t buy.

There are fewer people my age in the subdivision, and they are suffering from various ailments. Some of them are bedridden and some have come down with dementia.

Seeing me going in and out of the subdivision every day, the neighbors said, “Look at you, in such a good health for practicing Falun Dafa! You don’t even need a cane to walk. At such an old age, you still don’t need a caretaker.”

I told them, “I have a long and healthy life because I am blessed for cultivating in Falun Dafa.”

I don’t gossip with neighbors about other people’s affairs, and I don’t listen to the neighbors chatting about the rights and wrongs among the families in the subdivision. I keep in mind that my responsibility is to save people.

People asked me many times how old I was and they could not believe that I am 90. They ask me my secret for longevity, and I told them, “I do not use any healthcare supplements. I just practice Falun Dafa. The more I practice Falun Dafa, the more relaxed my body becomes.”

Some people said, “At such an old age and in such good health, you show us that Falun Dafa has a miraculous effect on healing and fitness.”

Fellow practitioners also said, “Your good physical condition is telling people about Falun Dafa.”