(Minghui.org) I recently flew by plane to a city on the other side of the country to participate in an event hosted by both practitioners and non-practitioners, which included many VIPs. The area is said to be one of the wealthiest areas in the country. 

The practitioner organizer rented a large house to accommodate the practitioners who traveled there to support the event, including four Western practitioners, who stayed in four bedrooms on the top floor of the house. My bedroom was next to the bathroom. The main light in my bedroom was very dim and connected to a large spinning fan directly above the bed. Another practitioner and I tried to make the light brighter, but it didn’t seem possible, so I used side lamps to be able to see properly in the room.

By the time all the practitioners in the house finished preparing for the next day’s event, it was late. Because of a three-hour time difference, it was even later for those of us who’d traveled from the other side of the country, including me, and I was very tired. I got ready for bed, turned off the main light, and sat to send forth righteous thoughts. 

Suddenly the main light turned on, and the fan connected to it began spinning very fast. It distracted me from sending righteous thoughts. I tried to focus on eliminating the interference but soon got up and turned off the light and the fan and then sat down to continue sending righteous thoughts. As soon as I did, the light and fan came back on again. I tried to remain calm, restarted the timer for righteous thoughts, and finished under the cold fan and the light. I then switched off the light and fan and went to bed. My heart was moved. I didn’t know what was turning the light on. I felt some fear creep into my heart. I had always been scared of beings in other dimensions since I was very young, and was deathly afraid of being alone because of it. I had only overcome that fear after I started to practice Dafa when I was an older teenager.

As I lay on my pillow, I recited in my head, “I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, a disciple of Master Li Hongzhi. I deny any interference and do not follow any arrangement other than my Master’s.” I relaxed and began to fall asleep. Then suddenly the fan above me began spinning and the light turned on. I opened my eyes. The light started to glow brighter and brighter—much brighter than before. I opened the door and turned on the hallway light. I looked at the other practitioners’ bedroom doors. They were all closed and their lights were off. I didn’t want to disturb them. 

I was tired and needed some sleep before our big event the following day. I thought of sleeping on the floor outside of the room or on the couch downstairs, but I knew the other practitioners would see me and might be worried about me and would want to help me send righteous thoughts to eliminate the trouble I was experiencing. That would distract them from focusing on the big truth-clarification event that needed all of our attention. I didn’t want my situation to interfere with that, so I decided I had to face it directly myself. I sat on my bed and sent righteous thoughts again, focusing on eliminating whatever was trying to interfere. 

This time, I also looked inside and realized that I still had a deep fear of beings in other dimensions that I couldn’t see. When I was a child, I saw many beings, but my vision and memories weren’t clear. I just always felt afraid. And even as an adult, I sometimes sensed other beings around me in other dimensions. I was afraid that they were demons or ghosts, and that they would try to taunt or harm me. I sometimes asked Master to protect me, or summoned my righteous thoughts to find enough courage to ignore them, but I knew now that I still had fear. I recognized that I had an attachment of being afraid of seeing beings in other dimensions. 

The light and fan turned on and off above my bed for hours that night, but as I sent righteous thoughts, I looked inside and eliminated my fear. In my mind, I told Master that I wasn’t afraid of beings in other dimensions and I was no longer afraid of seeing them. I turned the light off, left my door open and the hallway light on, and went to bed with the blanket pulled up over my head to block out the light. 

A fellow practitioner on the same floor told me the next morning that he had passed my room twice during the night to use the bathroom. He thought it was strange that my door was open and my light was on. The second time he passed my room, he looked in and saw me in bed sleeping with the blanket completely over my head. He went into the bathroom and immediately heard my bedroom door close. He remembered thinking it was strange that I could jump up so quickly from my bed and close the bedroom door. I knew that it wasn’t me who closed the door.

After consciously eliminating my fear with righteous thoughts and asking Master for help, I had fallen into a deep sleep and had a very vivid dream. In the dream, I was sitting on the bed in the same bedroom telling the other practitioners on that floor about being disturbed by something turning the light and fan on, especially as I was sending righteous thoughts. I said firmly that they could not interfere with practitioners like that, and then I said I was going to call the beings to come out and face up to what they were doing. 

As soon as I called them out, a vicious, angry-looking being appeared and approached me. It was filthy and looked like a monster or a zombie, with its flesh torn and its outer layer covered with dirt. I stood up to face it and realized I was much bigger than it was. Suddenly, dozens of angry beings appeared. I told them very sternly that they could not interfere with Dafa disciples, they absolutely could not. I began to clarify the truth to them and tell them about Falun Dafa and Master. They didn’t attack me. They listened.

The beings then led me to a rocky cave-like place where they lived. They sat with me and told me about their lives. They said they represented the lives of many dead animals in the area. They offered to show me the pile of skinned animal bodies, but I politely declined. 

I found a small, framed image of Master Li on the ground and picked it up and cleaned it. I explained to them what the image was and how they needed to look after it, respect it, and not let it get dirty. They sincerely said they would. I asked them what they called themselves and they said they called themselves gods. I tried to hide my surprise. From their outer appearance, in my limited vision, they looked like filthy, horrid beings, but they were very sincere in their words. I asked if there was any other name they might call themselves and they seemed surprised I would ask. After thinking a bit they said they could be called “angels.” 

I had no concept of time in that space and no idea how long I spent with them, but toward the end of our visit I noticed that their appearance had begun to change. Their previously filthy skin was now clean, and many of their faces were fair and smooth, and even slightly glowing. Their matted dark hair, which looked so filthy before that I couldn’t tell if it was hair or not, was now clean and beautiful. Some now had very light-colored hair. They were changing before my eyes. By the time we parted, some had gleaming white hair with sections of soft golden yellow. They shone with an ethereal beauty and we said goodbye with happy smiles.

When I awoke in the morning from the dream, the light and the fan in my room were off. I joined a fellow practitioner to do the standing exercises outside behind the house in the rocky landscaped yard. I could feel the beings watching us. I sensed that they were in awe of the Dafa exercises and the ability of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples to be able to practice them and cultivate in the human world.

The next night, I went to my bedroom as usual and sent righteous thoughts before going to sleep. I sensed that the beings were around watching me but not disturbing me. I felt calm in my heart that there would be no interference, but I still had a tiny sense of fear because I left the blinds on the bedroom window open so that some of the outside street lights would shine into the room. Even though I am sensitive to light in my room at night, and the street lights were quite bright and a little disturbing, I still felt a bit moved in my heart by my experience the night before and wanted to have some connection to the world.

I slept well, without disturbance, and awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. The light and fan stayed off all night and my door had stayed closed. I turned to the window to see if the sun was rising yet, but someone had closed my blinds. I sensed that the beings were caring for me and wanted me to sleep well, so with kindness, they had closed them so that the street lights wouldn’t disturb me. I smiled with gratitude.

I thanked Master for helping me find the courage to break through my deeply-rooted attachment to fear. I realized that fear had also created notions in my mind that all beings in other dimensions would be scary or try to harm me, but I was wrong. I understood more deeply that all beings were created by the Fa, and everything is arranged by Master for the Fa-rectification, and with Master’s guidance and protection we truly have nothing at all to fear.

When I returned home I told my husband about my experience. The next day he was studying the Fa and showed me a passage he had just read that reminded him of my experience:

“If there’s something truly bad, then eliminate it. And sometimes there is another approach that has good results, and it’s not necessarily an extreme way to handle it. You can have this thought: ‘During the Fa-rectification of the cosmos, I can make a reasonable arrangement for those of you who don’t interfere with my validating the Fa; I can have you become beings in the future. Those of you who seek a benevolent resolution should leave me and wait in my surroundings. If you really cannot leave me, then don’t have any part in interfering with me. In the future I will be able to achieve Consummation, and I will offer you a benevolent resolution. Those who are completely bad, who still interfere with me and who cannot remain will, according to the standards, have to be eliminated. Even if I don’t eliminate you, the Law of the cosmos won’t let you remain.’ If you have that thought, it is tremendously merciful to some of those extremely low-level beings, and it will make it easy to eliminate those who still interfere.” (Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York)

“Yes!” I said happily when my husband read this passage to me. “That was what I felt I did.” Even though I couldn’t remember the exact words from the Fa at the time, I had this Fa in my heart and knew that I could use that to face any beings that try to interfere. 

In the past, I have faced demons in other dimensions that I could see, and I had to eliminate some of them, while some other beings took the opportunity to help me or to stay back and not interfere, but this was the first time I had seen the beings and the process so vividly and clearly. It was also the first time I had seen the beings being renewed and rectified by the power of Dafa right before my eyes through Master’s infinite grace and compassion. 

This experience helped me raise my xinxing, eliminate more attachments, and strengthen my righteous thoughts. I hope it may be helpful to other fellow practitioners. Please point out anything inappropriate.