(Minghui.org) As soon as the hearing of Mr. Yu Baiqing’s case started on March 18, 2022, the presiding judge, Ou Xiaobin, asked him, “Are you quitting Falun Gong or not?”

“No, I’m not.” Mr. Yu answered.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual discipline that has been persecuted by the Chinese communist regime since 1999.

Mr. Yu, a resident of Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, was arrested on June 2, 2021, in a police sweep together with over 20 local Falun Gong practitioners. More than 100 police officers were dispatched for the operation.

Other practitioners arrested include Song Guiqin, Gao Xiue, Huang Yuqiang, Ji Jinmu, Wang Ruilian, Wang Ruilan, Zhang Meixiang, Song Jihua, Zhuang Zuojie, Zhao Youqin, and Jiao Qing’e and her husband Xu Yanzhong.

Mr. Yu was held at the Ducun Detention Center. The Jiaozhou Domestic Security Office first submitted his case to the Jiaozhou City Procuratorate, which then transferred it to the Huangdao District Procuratorate.

During the video hearing held by the Huangdao District Court on March 18, Mr. Yu refuted the charge of “undermining law enforcement with a cult organization.” He said that the prosecutor didn’t provide any evidence to show how he undermined law enforcement and what damage he has caused. He added that practicing Falun Gong is not a crime and that it’s his freedom of belief to practice it.

Mr. Yu’s lawyer entered a not guilty plea for him. He said that Mr. Yu practices Falun Gong to improve his health and that he didn’t do anything that violated the law or caused harm to any individuals. He also argued that it’s his constitutionally protected right to practice Falun Gong and that he shouldn’t be prosecuted for it.

The judge adjourned the hearing in two hours without announcing a verdict.

Perpetrators’ contact information:
Ou Xiaobin (欧晓彬), judge: +86-532-86988437
Sun Chunfang (孙春芳), prosecutor: +86-532-83012321