(Minghui.org) People tend to evaluate the value of an item in terms of its cost—how much they had to pay for it or how much material benefit they derived from it. The value of some items, however, is intangible—not a reflection of its monetary worth but in its far-reaching significance. The Minghui website is such a precious, immeasurable treasure.

Many practitioners in our area did not have computers ten years ago. Inspired by a practitioner who bought a laptop, I also bought one with my limited savings even though I had just changed jobs and was being paid less.

Over time, I learned how to use the computer and access the Minghui website. I read Teacher’s articles and practitioners’ pieces. I understood the status of Fa-rectification and followed its progress, and I established a material site to print Minghui articles to distribute to people so that they could understand Falun Dafa better. I also learned to provide basic technical support to other practitioners, including how to install and configure software. The payoff from my buying that laptop was invaluable.

Actually, that payoff came not from the laptop’s ability to access the Internet or print, but rather its ability to access the Minghui website. Minghui’s value in encouraging and helping us as practitioners in our cultivation is indispensable.

As practitioners know, Minghui plays a key role in the Fa-rectification process. It publishes Teacher’s articles and practitioners’ sharing articles, which helps us to improve. By reporting on the persecution, it raises awareness among people throughout the world and facilitates the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the same time, it also provides materials to help practitioners, especially us in China, better clarify the truth to the public. Its value is immense!

Due to the CCP’s persecution, practitioners in China have lost their group cultivation environment. The communist regime has isolated us. Adding that to the contamination of everyday society, it is hard for us to break through these things on our own. The Minghui site helps us to make up for the deficiencies.

Of course, we need to overcome the CCP’s Internet blockade, which prevents people inside China from finding out the truth. Many practitioners who are top-notch computer and IT experts put in tremendous amounts of time and effort into developing and supporting anti-blockade software, enabling us to access Minghui from inside China.

The Minghui site promotes traditional culture. Culture plays a critical role in society. Righteous culture can bring people success, while corrupt culture can destroy people or even the nation. Teacher led Dafa disciples to spend 5,000 years building a glorious, divinely-inspired human civilization and then passing it down. Minghui helps us to correct and remove today’s contaminated, mutated, and corrupt modern concepts.

Teacher said,

“You know, those thousand-year cultivators, after they learned a little bit of truth they would hold it in inside. They would hold it in for hundreds of years, or even a thousand years, and not tell it to others (audience laughs)—“If someone wants to know about this little bit of stuff I have, they will have to trade something for it!”” (Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

Practitioners’ sharing articles on Minghui are priceless. Practitioners selflessly share their precious enlightened insights, their wisdom at their realm, and the fruits of their cultivation on Minghui to help us improve faster and avoid mistakes.

I feel that I should not only read Minghui articles, but I also need to submit articles to Minghui. I write about cultivation insights, practitioners’ misunderstandings, information related to truth clarification, persecution details, and holiday greeting cards to Teacher. I think carefully as I write and read it again and again to ensure there are no issues. In my cultivation sharing articles, I want to be responsible to fellow practitioners.

Although an article may not be long, it might take me a long time to finish it. I often feel much time has passed though I haven’t written much. I often write while I eat to save time. Sometimes I have to erase the unsatisfactory part and start again.

In earlier days, many things I wrote were not published on Minghui. I got discouraged and wondered if I would be better off using that time to study the Fa or do the exercises. However, I sensed that Teacher gave me hints several times, so I continued. When I see my articles published and that some are included in the Minghui Weekly, I feel it is worth the effort—my contribution can help fellow practitioners and also support the Minghui site.

Minghui plays a critical role in the Fa-rectification. Teacher arranges it for us to improve and also to keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification. It is a channel that connects Teacher and practitioners, as well as a channel that connects all practitioners. Minghui will leave behind precious information and records in the history of Fa-rectification as a reference for the people of the future to follow and as a testimony of the mighty virtue of Dafa and Dafa disciples!

Unfortunately, there are still practitioners who do not visit the Minghui site. Some cannot break through the CCP’s Internet blockade; some do not want to buy a computer, thinking it would be a waste of time; some think there is not much to read on Minghui; some have computers but do not want to pay for Internet service; and some say they have computers but only their children use them. Some of these practitioners have the means and are willing to pay for everyday people’s stuff, yet they hesitate when it is for cultivation. There are also practitioners who have computers and Internet access but spend a lot of time on everyday people’s websites instead of Minghui.

They focus on trivial matters and have ignored the most significant item: the Minghui website.

As a Dafa disciple, if we are not aware of and keeping up with the progress of the Fa rectifying the human world, we may not be worthy of the title of “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.” Let’s respect and be serious about the Minghui site and understand the profound value behind it to be truly responsible for our own cultivation.

Above is my limited understanding. I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything improper.