(Minghui.org) I attained the Fa in 1996, and Master has been protecting me during my over 20 years of cultivation. My gratitude to Master is beyond words.

Many display boards and banners that slandered Dafa showed up in our city years ago. Our local practitioners cooperated and overcame tests one after another, by which we displayed the power of Dafa.

We Went to a County 20 Miles Away to Remove Evil Display Boards

Five of us practitioners, including a driver, formed a group specialized in removing evil display boards and banners. We also had a group of practitioners that sent forth righteous thoughts specifically to reinforce us. Other fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts at home for us. Every time we went out, we sent forth righteous thoughts first and asked Master to protect us and to apply a shield over us.

One time we went to a high school campus. After we arrived there, we evaluated the situation and found three evil display boards. The boards were locked in a glass showcase window, and there were two security personnel in the gate lodge. Three practitioners went into the campus. I stayed at the gate, stared at the security people in the lodge, and sent forth righteous thoughts. As I expected, they were just chatting there, and didn’t notice us.

The three practitioners swiftly removed the display boards in the showcase window. They had prepared all kinds of tools in advance: pliers, knives, scissors, spray paint, stickers, etc. They broke the lock on the window, and replaced the evil posters on the display boards with our truth-clarification posters.

We then went to a large, high-end residential area. We found two large evil display boards at the opposite side of the guard gate. The boards were as big as a wall. We sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to help us. Soon after, a strong wind started blowing. All together, four of us pushed the big board, shouting, “One, two, three!” The evil board fell over like a tree. The wind covered the noise, so the security guards didn’t hear anything. We quickly removed the poster on one of the boards, and I placed it in a bag. The other three went to remove the posters from another board.

We were excited as we drove back. When we arrived under a bridge, we tried to burn the evil posters, but we couldn’t light them on fire. Right at that time, we saw a pile of wheat straw to the side, which was just right for lighting a fire. Looking at the rising flame and smoke that was burning the evil, we all felt the power of collaborating as one body.

Removing an Evil Banner in a Residential Area

We found out about a long and wide evil banner in a high-end residential area; it was on the opposite side of the guard gate. Two fellow practitioners had tried three times and were unable to remove it. They came to our Fa-study group and asked, “How should we deal with it? The security personnel are always watching.” I said, “Let’s go take a look.”

I took a pair of long scissors, rode my electric bicycle, and arrived there with a fellow practitioner. We entered at the south gate and reached the north gate. When we went out the gate, upon seeing the situation, the fellow practitioner said, “It’s too difficult to do.” I said, “Let’s send forth righteous thoughts and ask Master for help.” At that time, six other practitioners arrived, and we sent forth righteous thoughts together.

Very soon after, lightning flashed and thunder roared. It rained heavily. Myself and three fellow practitioners entered the residential area again. One practitioner said, “You go talk with the security people, and we three will go remove the banner.” I said, “No need to talk, I’ll just stay here and stare at them and send righteous thoughts. They won’t come out, you just do it. Only practitioners come out in this heavy rain. Everyday people won’t. They will hide in the guard room for sure.”

We quickly removed the banner. As we expected, the security guards only shouted in the guard room, “What are you doing?” We four practitioners rushed out of the gate and left quickly on our electric bicycles.

On the way back, we all felt grateful for Master’s reinforcement. It was just as Master said:

“...When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin II)

When we returned home, we were all soaking wet, but were all very joyful at heart.

Removing Evil Display Boards at the Municipal Square and Youth Palace

The municipal square, a department store, and the Youth Palace are conjoined and form the busiest area in our city. There was a giant display board at the corner of the square. The location is at a crossroads where vehicles and pedestrians flock. All the people passing by this area can see the board. So we knew we must remove it.

There were another four evil display boards locked in showcase window displays at the Youth Palace. Although they were about 11 yards away from the main road, they were easily seen since they were located near the entrance to the Youth Palace.

One day we planned to remove both boards after we sent forth righteous thoughts at noontime. We also notified other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts nearby.

I knew it was a critical moment. I was highly focused when I sent forth righteous thoughts. I quickly reached a state where I sensed the giant board crying. I said, “Don’t cry. I know you didn’t want to do it; you were utilized by the evil. We are saving you now. Please cooperate with us.”

Heavy rain suddenly started pouring down. It stopped half an hour later. We set forth on our electric bicycles and motorcycles wearing raincoats and helmets. Since the rain had just stopped, very few people were on the street. When we reached the Youth Palace, we saw a security guard viewing a TV screen in the guard room. We sent forth righteous thoughts and didn’t allow him to come out. We smoothly removed the evil posters from the display boards under the protection of Master and the cooperation of fellow practitioners who were sending powerful righteous thoughts.

We put our truth-clarification posters on the display boards in the showcase window. We also spray painted eye-catching slogans, such as “Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa” and “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” on the giant display board.

Dashing Forward Rain or Shine

We removed numerous evil display boards and banners in our medium-sized city. Some of the evil banners and display boards we removed were very close to police stations, some were in Community Offices or Neighborhood Offices, and some were in stadiums, Cultural Activity Centers, parks, and amusement parks.

We maintained only one thought: as Dafa practitioners who bear historic missions, we can’t allow the evil boards and banners to exist. If we can find them, we will remove them, no matter how difficult it is.

On our way to remove the evil display boards and banners, we sometimes clarified the truth to passersby, as we asked them for directions. We distributed truth-clarifying DVDs and brochures, and gifted them amulets. We often recited the Fa:

“A Great Enlightened One fears no hardshipHaving forged an adamantine willFree of attachment to living or dyingHe walks the path of Fa-rectification      confident and poised”(“Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions,” Hong Yin II)

We are cultivators walking on the path to the godhood, assisting Teacher during Fa-rectification to save sentient beings fearlessly, rain or shine.

Holistically Upgrading

Since May 2015, hundreds of Dafa practitioners in our region participated in suing Jiang Zemin. Some practitioners insisted on collecting signatures in support of suing Jiang during their clarifying the truth to people.

Master said:

“We stress holistic improvement and holistic upgrade.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

“With perseverance, they will certainly achieve Righteous Attainment in the future.” (“Seeking Discipleship with Teacher”, Essentials for Further Advancement)

Going forward, during the present so-called “Zero-Out Campaign,” we should take the Fa as Teacher, form an indestructible whole body, and achieve holistic upgrade. Facing the police officers who come to our homes to harass us, we should clarify the truth to them based on compassion and the peaceful minds we develop through cultivation in the Fa, to help them have a good future.

I will definitely cherish this virtuous Fa that is difficult to encounter in thousands, or even tens of thousands of years.

I worship revered Master on my bent knees!