(Minghui.org) One summer evening I was on my way home after visiting my daughter. As I passed a large pharmacy I saw a young man in his 20s lying in the entrance. His arms and legs were stretched out. It was such a hot day that even the concrete was scorching. 

I got off my electric bicycle to see if he was still alive. I shouted, “Young man, are you all right?”

When he did not utter a sound despite my shouts I wondered if I should call an ambulance. 

He suddenly jumped up and said, “I am fine. I was just pretending to be dead! I am a university student who recently graduated. My family is financially well off. All my classmates said, ‘Nowadays in society, no one cares if you collapse in the road. If you are hit by a car, people try to shirk responsibility.’ I wanted to see if this was true. I have been laying here for over two hours. Many people walked past but they all ignored me. Auntie, why did you stop? Why do you care?”

I said, “I am a mother. More importantly, I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Master Li taught us to be kind and considerate of others. In his teachings he talks about predestined relationships. We are destined to meet one another. If I left you like that and walked away, I would feel bad for the rest of my life.”

The young man was moved and repeatedly thanked me. He said, “Can you give me a lift to the train station? I’m so tired that I cannot walk.” I said, “Sure!” He sat on my bicycle.

When we got near the station he got off and said, “You can leave me off here.” I asked if he had money to buy a ticket. He replied, “Yes, I will buy an overnight ticket. I want to tell my parents and classmates about what happened today and let them know there are still good people in this world: Falun Dafa practitioners!”

You Showed Me How Wonderful Falun Dafa is

One day, while riding my bicycle to the market, I saw a tall, elderly man in front of me. As he slowly pushed his bicycle his entire body shook. 

When I got closer, I noticed that his face was pale and covered in sweat. I asked, “Are you not feeling well?” He said, “I’m too tired to walk.” 

I quickly parked my bicycle, took his bicycle and helped him to the road side where he sat down. I said, “Take a rest. I have water in my basket, have a drink first.”

After sitting for around 15 minutes, he gradually recovered. I asked where he was going. He said, “I went to buy porridge. On my way back, the battery of my electric bike ran out of power. I began pushing it. I had a stroke before and I am so tired now and quite dizzy.” 

I asked where he lived and it was a long way off. I said, “You are still a long way from your house and it is drizzling. Let me take you home.”

I gave him my rain jacket and tied his bicycle to mine with a rope. I asked if he was able to sit on his bicycle. He said, “Yes, I am fine now.” I got on my bicycle and pulled him along. We passed through several streets before reaching the district he lived in.

My clothing was soaked through. He took off my jacket and said, “Put this on. I feel bad, don’t catch a cold.” I replied, “It’s all right.”

He said, “Please come in.” I said, “I can’t. I have something to attend to.” He said, “I met a good person today. Who cares about other people nowadays? Why are you so kind?”

I said, “It is because I practice Falun Dafa.”

He said, “Many people in my village practice Falun Dafa, but ever since the TV broadcast programs about the Tiananmen Square self immolation, I had a bad impression of Dafa.”

I said, “You were deceived. That was a hoax meant to vilify Falun Dafa. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wanted to incite people’s hatred against the practice to justify their persecution. They lied to everyone in the country.”

I explained to him what Falun Dafa truly is. He said, “I learned the truth about an important matter today.” I then gave him some more information to read and said, “Please read this. Everything in it is the truth.”

He took the booklet with both hands and said excitedly, “Today, you showed me that Falun Dafa is good!”

I said, “The rain is getting heavier, you should quickly go inside.” He said, “There are many people sitting outside the building, you should tell them the truth about Falun Dafa and hand out these brochures.” I replied, “Look, it is pouring. Everyone is going home. When the weather gets better, I will return and distribute information.” He told me his address and invited me to his place for a meal. I thanked him and we parted ways.

I want to thank Master for teaching me Falun Dafa – a highly virtuous spiritual way. The teachings have enabled me to treat everyone I meet with sincerity and kindness despite the rapidly declining moral values in today’s society.