(Minghui.org) The marketing department of Shen Yun Performing Arts is recruiting senior online advertising operators, digital advertising technology managers and marketing experts and consultants.

Senior online advertising operators are expected to have at least two years of successful online advertising operational experience. A Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Economics, Computer Science or Data Science is preferred.

Digital advertising technology managers are expected to possess advanced technical ability as well as a strong background and rich experience in the field to effectively support advertising operators. A Master's degree is preferred, especially one in computer science and/or data science.

Marketing experts and consultants in all marketing fields are welcome to contribute their knowledge and expertise to help with Shen Yun promotion.

Senior online advertising operators and digital advertising technology managers are expected to work full-time in Shen Yun after passing the probationary period. Only Dafa practitioners and/or their relatives living and/or working outside of China can apply for these positions. Applicants need to be recommended by the coordinator of their local Falun Dafa Association, or the person in charge of the Dafa projects they are involved in, or a well-known veteran Dafa disciple.

Applicants should submit their resume, professional experience, cover letter, current residence and full body photo to the following email address: marketing@shenyunperformingarts.org.

The application deadline is April 25, 2022. If selected, we will contact you.

Please share this job posting with those who you think may be qualified.

Shen Yun OfficeMarch 25, 2022