(Minghui.org) Although the call for papers for World Falun Dafa Day 2022 was sent out much earlier this year, I noticed that many fellow practitioners around me weren’t planning to write anything at all. 

Some thought that they didn’t cultivate very well and had nothing to write about, while others were hindered by their notion that they didn’t know how to write. I’d like to share some of my thoughts on it. 

May 13 this year will mark the 30th anniversary of Dafa’s public introduction. Whether it’s in the divine realm or on earth, it’s a very special day for us to celebrate. Because only after Master taught Dafa to the world, did the beings from the old universe have the chance to be saved and enter the new universe. Although I can’t see things in other dimensions, I believe it would be the biggest celebration in the universe, and most sacred and serene. 

Understanding How Sacred and Precious Our Cultivation Is

With the old universe degenerated to this degree, it might be easier for Master to simply destroy it and create everything anew. But Master is compassionate to all beings, from the most microcosmic to the macrocosmic. Instead of destroying the old universe, Master wants to renew us and deliver us to the new universe. With boundless compassion, Master arrived with Dafa, from the highest realm of the universe all the way down to the lowest realm, in order to save us. 

For us, who came down to the human world with Master from our own divine abodes, Master looked after us during our numerous life cycles and helped us eliminate our karma, so that we aren’t blocked in reconnecting with Dafa and practicing Falun Dafa in this life.

Master told us, 

“If everything in history were not borne for you, it would be fundamentally impossible for you to do cultivation; if everything were not borne for the sentient beings in the cosmos, they would have disintegrated with the passage of history; if everything were not borne for the people of the world, they would not have the opportunity to remain in this world today.” (“Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress II)

At every step of our cultivation journey, Master is always taking care of us. When we have difficulty passing certain tests, Master will help us as long as we can develop righteous thoughts about the Fa and ask Master for help. When we improve our xinxing, Master will encourage us and bear the substantial tribulation for us, leaving little for us to overcome ourselves. 

Master also told us that in order to help a practitioner who had the symptoms of a stroke, He “endured the tribulation for him” and “was made to drink a bowl of poison.” (Teachings at the Conference in Canada)

I remember a practitioner wrote in a sharing article that he saw numerous wounds on Master’s back for bearing the tribulations for Dafa practitioners. We simply can’t imagine or will ever understand how much Master is bearing for each one of us. 

No matter how much Master has done for us, He never asked for anything in return, but only our heart for cultivation and saving sentient beings. Master has given His all, for the future of the universe and for our own return to our heavenly homes. 

Repay Master with Quality Articles to Validate the Fa

Master said, 

“...when I hear or see students sharing their experiences, that is when I feel most gratified.” (Teachings at the Midwestern U.S. Conference)

I understand that the call for papers is a great opportunity for us to show the world’s people the beauty and magnificence of Dafa. It might represent an important step of Fa-rectification in the human world. Perhaps from our papers, many sentient beings will start practicing Dafa.

Whenever the Fa-rectification enters a new stage, Master always does many things to facilitate it. For us, I believe writing the papers is part of the process and its importance is far more than meets the eye.

I also believe that Master has given us the abilities we need to write the paper. When fellow practitioners simply use the excuse “I don’t know how to write” to avoid writing the paper, are they turning away cultivation opportunities as well? We also shouldn’t think “I didn’t cultivate very well and have nothing to write,” or, “there will be enough other practitioners writing, and they don’t need one from me.” 

In fact, when we think about what to write, we are already looking within and improving ourselves. We are the ones who benefit from it in the first place. For me, I have never been good at writing. But I recognize that it’s not an excuse for me not to even give it a try. While I’m writing the paper, overcoming my fear of not being able to do a good job, I’m already improving myself. 

For the paper submissions, it doesn’t have to be something significant; we can talk about things from different angles to show how we have benefited from Dafa. Sometimes small things and simple and pure language are the most touching. 

I believe as we are writing it, Master will give us the wisdom and help us establish our paper. In other dimensions, it might be a grand and spectacular manifestation. With all the papers coming together, maybe it will become an enormous Fa tool, eliminating the evil in other dimensions. Even divine beings will be impressed. 

Fellow practitioners, let’s all cherish this short but precious period of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification. Let’s pick up our pens, overcome our human notions, validate Dafa and celebrate Dafa’s magnificent spread in the world. 

Above is my understanding at my limited level. I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything that may be inappropriate. 

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s current understanding meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)