(Minghui.org) Twenty years ago, I went to see my dentist because of tooth pain. The second to the last tooth had a big cavity, and the nerve was exposed. However, the dentist told me that he couldn’t fill the cavity and suggested to put on a stainless steel crown to cover the cavity. I had no choice but to accept this plan.

Since then my teeth have been fine, and I could see the stainless steel crown when I occasionally looked into the mouth with a mirror to do cleaning.

In recent years, I got mouth ulcers from time to time and each time it lasted over 10 days. On December 24, 2020, the left side of my mouth felt painful again. I had just recovered from an ulcer in less than one month. I was unhappy and checked with a mirror the next morning. Indeed, there was a new ulcer on the inner left wall of my mouth. After I put down the mirror, suddenly I realized that I just saw a row of white teeth. Where was the steel crown?

I immediately double checked with the mirror. No steel anymore! Maybe the crown was on the right side? Then I checked the right side. I checked the whole mouth, there was no steel crown at all! When I looked at the tooth with cavity, I just saw a dark stain in the size of a grain of rice in the center.

I had been educated by atheism in my early years, and my whole family studied science and technology. I used to have a firm notion that seeing is believing. I couldn’t understand why the steel crown in my mouth disappeared. It is impossible to be explained by science.

I believe it is great Master who offered me the opportunity to witness and experience the power of Dafa and to help me eliminate modern notions.