(Minghui.org) As a retired professor I was recently invited to attend a Textbook and Instructional Materials committee meeting. Many well-known researchers and professors were invited and I knew most of them. It was a great opportunity to clarify the truth to them. I was well aware that my true role at that meeting was as a Falun Dafa practitioner and that the reason I was invited was to save everyone I could. I seldom see these people anymore, but now I could speak to them in person. What a golden opportunity! I would be able to meet some young people, too!

Research Field Leader: Thank You So Much for Thinking of Us at This Difficult Time!

When I arrived at the venue, I saw an old friend sitting alone. She was the daughter of a high official. During the Cultural Revolution I was a student, and she was a new teacher at my school. We witnessed many tragic events during those chaotic years. As she got older she focused on teaching and research and stayed away from politics.

After exchanging warm greetings, I talked about the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) destructive history, the persecution of Falun Dafa, live organ harvesting, prophecies, and quitting the CCP to keep safe. She listened attentively and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. She held my hands and repeatedly thanked me.

I then met a middle-aged lady who is a leader in a specific field of research. In our past conversations, she said that there was a rule in her family that no one should ever join the CCP. I chatted with her briefly. She was very touched and said, “Thank you so much for thinking of us at this difficult time!” She wanted to quit the CCP’s Youth League and then gave me her daughter’s name and asked me to help her quit the Youth League, too.

Student Reads the Epoch Times

At the lunch table, a group of students chatted with me eagerly. Some of them had read my publications and wanted to get to know me, while some wanted to ask me questions related to their studies. I gradually steered the conversation to COVID-19, the consequences of not revering nature, the deaths of innocent people under the CCP’s political movements, the Great Famine in the early 1960s, and today’s live organ harvesting.

A doctoral student, who was a member of a minority group, said he’d always hated the CCP’s cruel policies towards minorities and had quit the CCP two years prior. He kept making comments as I spoke.

For the sake of safety and privacy, I was careful to speak only quietly about withdrawing from the CCP. I first mentioned it to the students who sat next to me and helped them to quit. I remembered the names of other students at the table and found opportunities later to speak with them individually, with positive results.

One student who looked doubtful said his parents were police officers. I told him, “Because of their positions, they face the choice of obeying orders or their conscience. Obeying orders should not be an excuse for doing evil. Whoever commits the crime is the one who will have to pay for it.” He understood and chose to withdraw from the CCP.

When no one else was around one student told me, “Teacher, actually I often circumvent the Internet blockade to read the Epoch Times. I believe what you just said.” I helped him withdraw from the CCP.

You Are Safe Only by Keeping Away from the CCP!

I ran into a retired teacher I’d spoken to six months before. She used to be a CCP secretary where she worked. When she retired six months ago, we met for dinner and talked about Falun Dafa and the pandemic. Her mother used to practice Falun Dafa but stopped after the CCP began the persecution. She said she still had a copy of Zhuan Falun at home and planned to read it. She detested the CCP and immediately agreed to quit it. I gave her a truth-clarification USB.

At the meeting, she told me that the CCP secretary where her daughter worked was trying to get her to join. Her daughter consulted her, thinking her mother would not advise against it as she was a CCP member herself. Yet, this retired teacher told her daughter in no uncertain terms, “Absolutely not! You are safe only by keeping away from the CCP! Don’t jump into the fire pit!” She protected her daughter.

Another retiree used to be an administrator and CCP leader at a college. I’d met him several times at conferences and had a good impression of him. I thought, “I must help him quit the CCP.”

I went over to him and said, “There’s something very important I need to tell you.” (I knew I had to get straight to the point since there was no time for a long talk.) “During this pandemic people are in danger!”

“Why do you think so?” he asked.

“Because you are a member of the CCP and were even a leader. When you joined the Party, you made a vow that you would devote your life to communism. That pledge has to be kept. The CCP is evil. It has killed so many innocent people during its political movements. During the Great Famine in the 1960s, more than 36 million died. Whoever kills innocent lives must pay. Aren’t you in danger if you keep that vow? To stay safe, you must cut your ties with the CCP!”

I also told him that the U.S. was already restricting the CCP members from entering the country. He agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Falun Dafa Is a Group of Honest People

A well-known, first-class leader in my field not only withdrew from the CCP himself, but he also encouraged his family members and relatives to do so.

Several months ago, he read Zhuan Falun and watched the recordings of Master’s lectures. “Falun Dafa practitioners are innocent and honest—above reproach,” he said and then told me that he now understood why the CCP persecutes practitioners. He is now reading Master’s other lectures. He already thinks of himself as a Dafa practitioner.

Some of those at the meeting had been my students in the past. When they were undergraduate or graduate students, they heard me talk about Falun Dafa, the bloody history of the CCP, and my own cultivation experiences. They respected and trusted me, especially since I actually followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. So 100% of the students I advised to quit the CCP agreed to do so. Some of them began to practice Falun Dafa. Twenty years have passed, and some of those students are now professors advising their own graduate students. When they saw me still so healthy and full of energy (I am over 80 now), they had even greater respect for Falun Dafa.

During the Textbook and Instructional Materials meeting, a total of 16 people, including committee members and students, withdrew from the CCP organizations.

It all seemed coincidental, yet I know Master arranged everything!

Doing the three things well, especially saving more people, is a task as well as a test for practitioners. I will try my best to eliminate my remaining human attachments, such as fear, ego, seeking comfort, and sentimentality for family. I will follow Master, cultivate myself well, help Master in Fa-rectification, and fulfill my sacred mission.