(Minghui.org) I recently learned about the arrest of a local fellow practitioner. I had met her a couple of times before. One of the encounters was twenty years ago when I bought some products from her. I was really happy with the products’ quality. Back then, I didn’t know that she was a practitioner. I met her again six years ago. I heard the music of “Pudu” on the street and followed the music to find her store. I felt a peaceful and pure atmosphere there. We had a long talk. I admired her courage of openly validating Dafa in her business.

Upon hearing about her arrest, I kept sending righteous thoughts for her every day and also followed the updated news about her on Minghui.

Today, I decided to go to her store. The store was closed and the goods had all been packed. I talked to the owners of her neighboring stores without revealing my identity as a practitioner. They said that she had to take a break because of a family situation.

At first I thought they were afraid of talking about her situation, but later found out that they were trying to do their best to protect her reputation. So I asked a woman directly, “Does she have faith? I remember that she was a really good person when I shopped at her store before.” The woman instantly became emotional, “She is a Falun Gong practitioner and was arrested because of that.”

She told me, “All the neighboring store owners that knew her for a long time like her a lot. She always smiled at everyone, and was modest and kind. She opened her store the earliest and closed it the latest every day. She always lent a hand to people needing help. No matter who you asked around here, no one could tell you anything bad about her after so many years. Who else could say the same?”

She continued, “There are so many bad people in society, but police are not doing anything about it. But a good person, with faith, was taken away by the police. Nobody listens to us ordinary people. There is no future. Just wait for the heavenly retribution. People all know it. Look at the pandemic, which is just the beginning.”

My heart was heavy with my fellow practitioner’s arrest. But I was also touched by this woman’s righteous statement, which is a true testimony to the practitioner’s upright conduct.