(Minghui.org) When practitioners and I shared about sending forth righteous thoughts earlier today, I remembered my experience of group righteous thoughts. I hope my suggestion will encourage practitioners to help practitioners who are incarcerated.

My situation happened during the height of the persecution. My sentence was extended several times because I refused to follow the guards’ instructions at a notorious forced labor camp. Local practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts as a group to help me after they heard about my situation.

Although I didn’t know about it, I often dreamed about many practitioners sitting together, and helping someone climb up. I found out later they were sending righteous thoughts for me.

My mind was clear and my righteous thoughts strong at that time. The guards gathered more than 20 practitioners who were steadfast and planned to “transform” us.

I overheard someone asking the section leader if any of us were “transformed,” and the leader replied, “These people cannot be 'transformed.'”

We resisted their orders and all forms of persecution. The section leader told me, “I beg you to get out of here as soon as possible.”

My family picked me up as soon as my sentence was over. “Don’t come back,” a few guards told me when I left. 

Master, the founder of Falun Dafa, said long ago in his lecture,

“Some people did things in an open and upright way, without fear, and so they weren’t persecuted; and when they were sent to forced labor camps, the evil in other dimensions couldn’t take it and had to let them out.” (TeachingsGiven on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

After I was released, a practitioner said that my case was the first in the area. I’m grateful for Master’s protection and practitioners’ help. I’m also sorry for not being diligent, and thus bringing problems to practitioners these years.

When we remove everything that separates us and form one body, our collective righteous thoughts are extremely powerful and frightening to the bad elements. In fact, our primordial spirits and our true selves have assimilated to Dafa with no separation. What we need to eliminate are the gaps where the elements of the old forces exist.

There are still many practitioners being persecuted in the jail system in China. It would be very helpful if more practitioners could support them with righteous thoughts!