(Minghui.org) My granddaughter Cong Cong is eight years old, and I have been taking care of her since she was young. She is in second grade now. When she was old enough to watch TV, she started to watch Shen Yun Performing Arts (back when Shen Yun DVDs were still distributed in China). I also downloaded the Three-Character Classic and Standards for being a Good Pupil and Child from the PureInsight website for her. We listened to music created by Falun Dafa practitioners and I taught her based on traditional Chinese culture and the principles of Dafa.

Studying Zhuan Falun with My Granddaughter

I started to teach my granddaughter how to read Zhuan Falun when she was four, and it was quite arduous.

I started to teach her how to read sentence by sentence and thought that, as long as she studied one sentence of the Fa, she would assimilate to it. We began this process of reading, bit by bit, until she became familiar with it.

She was able to read On Dafa and Lecture One in Zhuan Falun fluently in a year and a half. As we continued studying the book, I realized that she was able to read the rest of Zhuan Falun by herself, slowly, with little assistance.

Master unlocked her wisdom. It only took Cong Cong six months to finish the next eight lectures of Zhuan Falun. She was only six years old at the time and hadn’t started elementary school. She was able to read 332 pages of Zhuan Falun and two pages of On Dafa. I was very happy and content. I witnessed just how miraculous Dafa is through Cong Cong.

The Little Golden House

Master said,

“Student: Why does Master often have little disciples do things in the heavens?

Master: It’s because they don’t have the postnatally formed notions that adults have, their nature is purer, and the energy they send out isn’t affected by everyday people’s thoughts. From another perspective, the extent of a person’s abilities isn’t restricted by his age as an everyday person.” (Teachings From a Tour of North America)

Not long after she started to study the Fa, Cong Cong said to me one morning, “Grandmother, I dreamed that Master lives in a golden house, like the one in the Shen Yun backdrop. The house is very big and everything inside is gleaming in golden light. It is very beautiful.”

I asked her, “What color was Master’s clothing?” She said it was golden-yellow.

She then said, “Master told me to tell you not to move around when you do the exercises.”

I felt ashamed to hear that Master had been watching me! My face had been itchy and I would scratch it every time I practiced the exercises. Master was enlightening me through Cong Cong, and I needed to correct myself.

When she woke up the next morning, Cong Cong told me that she went to the golden house on a golden train. She saw three paths on Tiananmen Square: one path was shining gold, another path glowed with five colors, and the third was black. The black path was filled with demons. “I passed the black path as quickly as I could and ran to the gold one. I got on the golden train and headed over to the golden house. I saw Master and many Shen Yun celestial maidens dancing when I arrived. I came back by the five-color path.”

While Cong Cong lived with me, she would always dream about the golden house. She saw phoenixes and big green and red apples shining in golden light on an apple farm. A phoenix picked an apple for her to eat. Cong Cong said that the phoenix would sing instead of talk and that she understood everything the phoenix sang. The phoenix’s feathers were very colorful and they glowed.

Cong Cong said to me one day, “Master gave me two copies of Zhuan Falun and they were glowing with a golden light. One is for you and the other is for another grandmother (an elderly practitioner who studied the Fa with me).” She went up to the golden house once again and saw golden dragons of all sizes flying around in the sky.

Master also took her to several rooms in the golden house. A celestial maiden lived in each room and there was one empty room. Master said to Cong Cong, “This room is yours.” Everything in the room was glowing with a golden light, including a bowl. Cong Cong used that bowl to eat each time, and her food also glowed. At times, Master would give Cong Cong tasks to do.

She said one day, “Master told me I could take a break today.” She went back to the golden house a couple of days later and did some tasks.

She said, “Grandmother, do you know that a day over there is a year over here in the human world?” She saw many things that were golden and glowed such as bridges, water, fish, flowers, grass, and deer. She said, “Everything is golden over there. As long as I study the Fa, I will be able to go to the golden house in my dreams.”

Before sending righteous thoughts one night at around 11:50 p.m., I got out of my bed to use the bathroom. I saw that Cong Cong was still awake and asked her why she was up so late. She told me that she was about to go to the golden house. She fell asleep while I was sending righteous thoughts.

When I took her to school the next day, I asked if she had gone to the golden house. She said she did I was curious and asked, “How did you know you were going to the golden house?” She replied, “I saw a fluffy white cloud last night and knew that it came to take me to the golden house. But when you got up to use the bathroom, it disappeared and hid behind the cabinet.”

She had a dream about going to the golden house again when she finished reading Zhuan Falun the first time. Master told her, “Cong Cong, you have finished reading Zhuan Falun. You did a good job and should keep up the good work.”

I have experienced the wonders of Dafa through what Cong Cong saw in other dimensions.

Raising a Young Dafa Disciple to Cultivate Well

Cong Cong still has some ups and downs in her cultivation, since she is still maturing in cultivation. Both my daughter and her husband are research specialists, and Cong Cong was influenced by her father. She said to me one time, “I don’t believe in the divine anymore. I believe in science. That is what my father said to do.” Though Cong Cong’s father has already quit the CCP and its youth organizations, many of his notions have not changed. Her father does not know that I study the Fa with Cong Cong, since I told her that this was our little secret. Her mother (my daughter) has been influenced by me since she was a child and knows that Falun Dafa is good.

As we study the Fa, Cong Cong asks questions about how she should conduct herself as a cultivator when she plays with other children. She follows Dafa’s principles, so many of her classmates like to play with her. Some of their parents have told me, “My child really likes to play with your Cong Cong.”

Cong Cong has already read Zhuan Falun six times,and Master encourages her each time that she finishes reading Zhuan Falun.

One day while I was doing the exercises, I was thinking about some everyday matter and told my daughter about it. Cong Cong said to me, “Grandmother, haven’t you forgotten about what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun about ‘The Clear and Clean Mind?’ How can you think about other things when you are practicing the exercises? I smiled and said, “Yes, you’re right. I will change for the better. Thank you for telling me. I was wrong.”

Her mother asked, “Can you take me when you go to the golden house?” Cong Cong said firmly, “Only if you study Master’s lectures for two months.”

Many things are easier said than done. With the increasing pervasiveness of video games, computers, and cellphones, children are constantly being contaminated. Many ideas--from home and school and society at large--are decadent. Children do not really know what to do when they are faced with adversity.

Initially, I had the thought that if I was going to take care of Cong Cong she must have a predestined relationship with Dafa. Because I practice Dafa, her predestined relationship must be quite strong, so I must help her start to cultivate. This pure and simple thought led me to witness so many miracles from Dafa through this child.

Thank you, Master!