(Minghui.org) My life was destroyed during the Chinese New Year holidays in 1996 after I went to a massage therapist for my lumbar disc herniation problem. My legs were paralyzed, and I came down with incontinence after the first massage therapy on March 1, 1996. My brother carried me home on his back.

My family told the therapist my situation, and he suggested that I should go to a hospital, and he would be responsible for my medical expenses. I had a total laminectomy surgery in the hospital that relieved the severe pain, but I still was paralyzed below the waist. After being hospitalized for more than a month, I was released and carried home on a stretcher.

I lost my job. My son was only 10 years old, and my husband had asthma and other illnesses. Our family had only a little money, so I could not have many more treatments.

A relative brought me two books, Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong, but I could only read a few pages at a time while lying in bed.

I came to the paragraph when Master Li said,

“We have stressed from time to time that we do not admit patients with serious illnesses. This is cultivation practice here, which is too far from what they think about.” (Lecture One,Zhuan Falun)

I understood that Master would not take care of me because I was looking for a method to cure my illness, so I put down the books and visited medical doctors and specialists that my friends and relatives introduced to me. These doctors claimed that I could be cured, but in the end admitted that they couldn’t. Finally I, went to the most authoritative neurologist in our city. He said, “There is no way we can help you – but, your condition is not the worst.”

By then, I felt that my legs were like two heavy telephone poles. I couldn’t sit long because I didn’t have any feeling below the waist. Both feet always felt cold. Using a hot water bag to warm my feet ended with a burn to the right heel, which grew into a hole leaking blood and pus. With no other choice, I picked up the Falun Gong books again and I stood up by leaning on the heater to learn the exercise movements. My condition improved slowly. Sometime I felt the nerve in my legs stimulated when I was reading Zhuan Falun. It was a new sensation.

In October 1996, I watched the videotapes of Master’s Fa teaching in Guangzhou City. That is when I decided to become a Falun Dafa practitioner. Early next year, my son, who was 11 and on winter vacation, helped me look for a group practice site in nearby parks. It was only 10 minutes of walking for him, but it took me 50 minutes. Soon, I joined a Fa-study group. We met three times a week to read the Fa and share our understandings and experiences afterwards. It greatly improved my understanding of the Fa, and my xinxing also improved quickly.

I had thought about suing the massage therapist for a long time. The idea emerged when I was meditating, but disappeared after I uncrossed my legs.

I sometimes remembered Master’s teaching,

“Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations; suffering is repaying a karmic debt, and thus nobody can casually change this. Changing it means that one would not have to repay the debt after being in debt, and this cannot be done at will. Doing otherwise is the same as committing a bad deed.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)And,

“One’s Primordial Spirit does not become extinct. Then, in your social activities in past lives, you might once have owed others, bullied others, or committed other wrongdoing. Those creditors will look for you.” (Lecture Six,Zhuan Falun)

But, the idea continued to emerge when I was meditating. One day, I asked other practitioners after reading the Fa whether I should sue the therapist. They all said no. So, I no longer thought about it.

Then, I experienced the power of Dafa. Within just a day or two, my left leg suddenly felt lighter, and I could move it. After a week, the right leg felt normal too. Then, it only took me 12 minutes to walk to the park instead of 50 minutes.

I couldn’t express my excitement in words. I personally experienced what Master had said,

“Once you upgrade your xinxing, your body will undergo a great change. Upon xinxing improvement, the matter in your body is guaranteed to transform.” (Lecture One,Zhuan Falun)

Master gave me a second life, re-created me, turned me from a cripple to a healthy person. The tremendous changes in my body let my family, relatives and neighbors witness the power and preciousness of Dafa.

It was Falun Dafa’s grace and Master’s compassionate protection that made me where I am today. Thank you Master!