(Minghui.org) In his new article “Wake Up,” Master said,

“And still others have followed certain individuals who have gone awry in their understanding of the Fa, or have followed undercover agents of the CCP who pose as practitioners, and have been seriously disruptive to others. For all of them there will be consequences in keeping with the vows that they made.”

While reading the article, I thought to myself that we should help those who are following individuals who have gone awry in their understanding of the Fa by delivering Master’s article to them, and try to wake them up.

I ran into two elderly female practitioners two days later who began to practice Dafa before the persecution, but now cultivate on and off. I told them that Master had published a new article and asked them if they had it. They waved their hands signaling that they did not want to talk about it and walked away.

I met a male practitioner by chance a few days ago while running errands in a different town. He is in his 60s and both he and his wife were diligent practitioners long ago. But they began to follow one individual who had a crooked understanding of the Fa about six years ago.

Two years ago, he sold Master’s books to someone. However, he realized his wrongdoing a few days later… Selling Master’s books meant he no longer acknowledged Master. He rushed to get those books back, which showed that he still wanted to cultivate. Nevertheless he rarely had contact with any practitioners. I know that his wife is still having warped understandings of the Fa, but acknowledges Master.

Although I didn’t know his current cultivation state, I wanted to tell him about Master’s new article. To my surprise, he invited me to his home. His wife was at home too. I recited Master’s article “Wake Up” to both of them. Afterwards, his wife asked me if I had the software for breaking through the Internet blockade. I didn’t have it at the time and told them that I would bring it over later. The husband said that he was lucky to have me over that day and did not know what would happen otherwise. He cried twice during our conversation.

I later brought over Master’s article “Wake Up” and all the other lectures after 2018, as well as the software for circumventing the internet blockade, to his home. His wife truly woke up after reading the article and was ready to resume cultivation. She also decided to print a few more copies of “Wake up” and give it to other individuals with warped understandings of the Fa.

I believe our compassionate Master did not want to leave any practitioner behind, and arranged for me to meet the couple. Master wanted to give more opportunities to those who are falling behind.

Over the years, we all know that we have to do the three things well, but have forgotten to help those troubled former fellow practitioners, be it the ones with crooked understandings of the Fa, their followers, the veteran practitioners who began their cultivation before the persecution but failed to step out to save people, or those who were busy with personal lives and no longer stepped out to clarify the truth in recent years. We should bring Master’s article “Wake Up’’ to them, share with them, and try to wake them up, as many as we can.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.