(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner knows a police officer who supports Falun Gong. When the practitioner told him not to persecute practitioners because it was not good for him, he replied, “I know. Falun Gong practitioners are good, kind people.”

The officer told the practitioner that whenever there was an order to arrest a Falun Gong practitioner, nobody in his station would do it. The director knew that as well, so he hired three people outside of the station for the task. They were eager to do it, maybe taking it as a chance to show their abilities. Several days later, each of them brought in one practitioner. They interrogated and beat the practitioners when they refused to answer questions.

The police said they reminded the outsiders that it would not be good if they beat the practitioners since they were all seniors and it would not be right to handle them so roughly. But they didn’t listen.

Days later, all three of the outsiders died for different reasons. No one from the police station wanted to go to their funerals so the director had to assign several people to attend. Most of those who worked at the police station commented, “These three got what they deserved for beating Falun Gong practitioners!”

From that point on, nobody would carry out orders to arrest Falun Gong practitioners anymore. The director said, “Forget it. In the future, we will not arrest Falun Gong, nor will we hire people to do it. Whether our superiors like it or not, we won’t do it anymore.”

Hearing what the director said, more people in our bureau began to read the Minghui website. Even the director reads it daily.

In another province, a police officer told another practitioner, “A policeman in our district arrested one of you (Falun Gong practitioners). Before the interrogation, he had to take a call. When he returned, he said, ‘I am not going to interrogate Falun Gong practitioners anymore! She must have done something! I feel awful. I’m shaking all over! Whoever wants to interrogate her, just go ahead!” Then he ran out of the room.

“We all know that you send forth righteous thoughts,” the officer said. “It works!”