(Minghui.org) I live in Hong Kong and started practicing Falun Dafa in 1999 in mainland China through my sister. She bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and put it on the top of our TV set in the sitting room. She often said that this book was priceless.

When I read it, I found that it talked about the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I decided to discipline myself according to these principles and improve my morality.

I used to suffer from many illnesses such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, stomach disease, low blood pressure, headache, dizziness, and dysmenorrhea. These diseases disappeared after I practiced Dafa for three months. My medical expenses were reduced as a result; my family was very happy for me.

My grandmother has also benefited from Falun Dafa. I experienced what Master Li said,

“When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan,” Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

I required myself to be a good person at work and in my daily life according to Falun Dafa’s principles. My morality and xinxing have improved.

Grandmother Recovered Thanks to Falun Dafa

My sister and I got up at 4 a.m. every day to do the Falun Dafa exercises in the park, and we read Zhuan Falun every night. My grandmother, who is in her eighties, asked us curiously what we were reading every night. We showed her Zhuan Falun. She was illiterate but she wanted to learn how to read.

My sister and I decided to teach her to read Chinese characters, which made her very happy. We told other Falun Dafa practitioners about our grandmother’s desire to read. The practitioners said, “Your grandmother has a predestined relationship with Dafa. You should teach her how to read and spend more time studying the Fa with her.” My sister patiently taught our grandmother to read. Our grandmother was so happy and took the reading seriously. She praised us for taking such great care of her.

Gradually, Grandma was able to read all of Zhuan Falun. What amazed my family was that she couldn’t read newspapers or other books while she could read Zhuan Falun fluently. She could also read parts of Minghui Weekly.

Grandma was over 80 years old and was not in good health. One day she felt terrible and couldn’t move. We asked her to practice the first set of Falun Dafa exercises with us. After doing them, her discomfort disappeared. She was so happy that she walked around the house. Falun Dafa is truly amazing. When we asked her to practice the second set of exercises with us, she refused.

Our grandmother had a fall one day in August or September in 1999 and appeared to have a stroke. She was sent to the hospital. The doctor said to us seriously, “You should be prepared for it to take at least three months before she can be cured. She will have to be in a wheelchair.” We felt downhearted.

My sisters and brothers took turns looking after her at the hospital. My sister and I read Hong Yin and played Dafa music for her when we visited her. She asked us to see her often because she felt comfortable when we were around her. She amazingly recovered within a week.

One night that I was with her at the hospital late, when I was about to doze off, I saw spinning Falun filling the room. I heard some noise. I opened my eyes and saw that grandma was taking out all the infusion needles herself. She got out of bed and went to the toilet without a problem. Then she came back on her own. I could hardly believe that she recovered so quickly.

My other family members came to see grandma the next day and asked her what kind of magical medicine she took. I said that she benefited from Falun Dafa. The doctors were also amazed. I told them that Falun Dafa helped grandma to recover so quickly. The doctors became quiet when they heard us mention Falun Dafa. At that time the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just launched the persecution of it. The doctor required grandma to stay in the hospital a few more days. She was discharged from the hospital on the 15th day. My family was convinced yet again that Dafa was miraculous and extraordinary.

Being a Good Person at All Times Thanks to Falun Dafa

I was a quality inspector at a garment factory in mainland China. We would subcontract part of the orders we got to other factories. Often people from other factories and the workers in our factory would bribe me with money in red envelopes so that their goods could pass inspection. I never accepted the bribes and followed Dafa’s principles.

Sometimes I started to inspect the quality of the goods while the workers were still working on them. I would point out any defects so that they could correct them during the process. The workers liked me and said that under my supervision their products didn’t need to be redone.

One day a worker had an accident when the sewing machine needle pierced through her finger and she was bleeding badly. I ran to her and pulled the needle out. I asked her to remember the two auspicious phrases: “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I wiped the blood away for her. She listened and nodded. The bleeding stopped quickly. The workers saw the extraordinariness and wonder of Falun Dafa.

One day after work, I was riding a bicycle home with two other colleagues. A young man riding a racing bicycle passed me when his bike hit mine. He rode very fast and his bike dragged mine dozens of meters away. When he braked, I flew away and landed hard on my arms and knees.

My right leg bled. I remembered that,

“Good or evil comes from that instant thought.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I thought I was all right because I practiced Falun Dafa. I looked at my other leg which was fine and not bleeding. Actually, both legs hit the ground at the same time.

My colleague didn’t let the young man leave and asked him to take me to the hospital. I was still on the ground but told him that he could go. He didn’t dare to leave as I was still on the ground. I stood up and walked a few steps. I told him again that I was all right and that he could leave.

There were many onlookers. Some said that I was stupid. I told them, “I practice Falun Dafa. Dafa’s master asks us to consider other people first. He didn’t do it intentionally.” My colleagues admired me. I went to a repair shop that fixed my bicycle for only one yuan.

Many amazing things have happened to my family and me. I am very thankful to Master. He enables me to be a good person, a better person, in this muddy world.