(Minghui.org) Any time I encounter hardship in my cultivation, I always think of Ms. Yang. I miss her and hope that she was able to get in touch with Falun Dafa practitioners after she was released from prison, to continue her predestined relationship with Dafa.

I met Ms. Yang, a native of Beijing, more than ten years ago while I was serving time for upholding my faith in Falun Dafa. A very kind person, Ms. Yang was imprisoned after being framed by others. She treated me very well and always spoke up for me when I refused to do the forced labor in the prison.

My cell had ten prisoners, including one named Cici, who was imprisoned for stabbing her husband in the shoulder during a fight. She had a fierce appearance and often verbally abused people.

Several prisons, including the one I was held in, were later merged into the Shijiazhuang Women’s Prison in Hebei Province, where I met a fellow practitioner originally held in the Chengde Prison. She gave me a hand-copied Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. She'd written it on two-and-a-half inches of white paper and sewed the pages together, one chapter a book. I started to read the book the day I received it. I also let Ms. Yang read it. 

After reading the book, Ms. Yang said, “I am so lucky to read such a great book here! My prison trip here did not end up in vain.”

One day, Ms. Yang sat on a stool after taking a shower. Cici returned to the cell from outside. Without saying anything, she slapped Ms. Yang in the face and swore at her non-stop. Ms. Yang’s glasses fell to the ground and shattered.

Ms. Yang stood up and asked Cici, “How did I make you angry? I am really sorry, but don’t be mad.”

Cici slapped Ms. Yang in the face again, saying, “Why did you use vinegar in the shower? It stinks!” 

Ms. Yang apologized, “I am sorry. I was not considerate of you enough. This will not happen again in the future.” 

Her face was already swollen from the beating, but she had no grievance. I said to her, “You are marvelous!”

She replied, “We cannot just read the precious book without following through with it!”