(Minghui.org) My eldest brother used to be a detective in the police force. Due to a large age gap, we did not get along with each other.

He entered the police academy and became a policeman in the 1980s. At first, he wanted to be an honest and good policeman, helping people, but he gradually accumulated a lot of bad habits. His temper became more and more irritable and angry, and his face looked fierce.

I was a college student in Beijing in 1996 when I started to practice Falun Gong. Although it was before the onset of the persecution, he often spoke sarcastically and interfered with my practicing of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) when I visited our parents at home.

In early 1999, he warned me to stop practicing Falun Gong, but soon after he was transferred from the police force and started a job in a government agency in April of 1999. On the surface, it seemed that someone had helped him, but in fact, as a family member of a Dafa practitioner, he had received a blessing. This transfer prevented him from accumulating a lot of karma and prevented him from participating in the persecution launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in July 1999.

When I was at home in late 1999, in a sarcastic tone, he told me some stories from his policemen friends where some detained Falun Gong practitioners were unyielding to the pressure to give up their faith. He thought these practitioners were stupid. I knew that he needed to know the facts of Falun Gong.

We had a chance to eat a meal together when he was on a business trip to Beijing in 2000. I told him many facts about Falun Gong. He made no comment and simply told me to be careful when promoting Falun Gong.

Recognizing the Evil Nature of the CCP

Then the “Tiananmen Self-immolation incident” orchestrated by the CCP was publicized on all television (TV) stations in China in January 2001. My brother immediately recognized it was fake news given his professional knowledge and experience. Since then, he has never tried to persuade me to stop practicing Falun Gong.

A few years passed, I returned to my parents’ home, while I was watching TV, he came in and asked, “Is your Master a Buddha?” I hesitated and said yes. He quietly walked away.

Another time, when meeting at home, I asked him if many of his policemen friends had received bad retribution. He didn’t defend his former friends. I heard from another source later that two policemen were burned to death when their patrol car suddenly exploded.

When the entire family united for a lunar New Year’s eve dinner at the end of 2008, he asked me if Falun Gong (practitioners) were helping people to quit the CCP and its youth organizations, and then he said that he wanted to quit, too. After dinner, I confirmed with him that he was a Party member, and he said that he truly wanted to quit the Party.

The persecution has been going on for two decades. My brother experienced a few dangerous situations, however, he was fortunate to avoid any real danger. He chose to retire early after being a government employee for 30 years in 2016. His appearance has become kinder since then. However, he always curses the CCP at every family reunion. His wife and children also quit the CCP organizations.

My eldest brother is a victim of the CCP system and is one of the police officers who recognized the evil nature of the CCP through personal experience. How long can the CCP last when more and more people like him abandon the CCP, no longer believe in it, and hold fast to those beliefs in their hearts?