(Minghui.org) I worked in a factory assembling watches when I was young. The parts were very small, minute and intricate. I had to wear magnifying glasses for long periods of time and my eyes hurt. I decided not to use the magnifying glasses. At the end of the day, my eyes felt very tired. Perhaps because my eyes were overworked, by the time I was around 50 years old, my eyesight deteriorated and I developed a cataract.

Fortunately, I began to practice Falun Dafa. Soon after, Master adjusted my eyes. It was painful and itchy and I kept tearing up all day. Some time later, my cataract was gone and my eyes became normal. I am grateful to Master for his compassion.

By the time I was in my 60s, however, I could not see things clearly and had to get a pair of reading glasses. Over time, my eyesight got worse. I could not do anything without my glasses. I had glasses everywhere at home. At one point, I had 6 pairs but it was not enough. When I had to go out, I had trouble doing things when I forgot to put a pair of glasses in my bag. I could not live without my reading glasses. This situation continued until I was 73.

I realized that most local practitioners who were older than me did not wear glasses to read. I saw the gap in my cultivation and felt upset and embarrassed. I felt I should stop wearing glasses. I asked Master, “Master! It is so inconvenient to wear reading glasses, I don’t want them! Please help me take away the karma and adjust my eyesight.” I decided to stop wearing reading glasses when I read Zhuan Falun .

The next time I read Zhuan Falun I did not use my reading glasses. It was difficult to see the characters, but I persevered. I believed Master would help me. I wanted to be like other practitioners who could read the Fa without wearing glasses. It took me more than a month to read Zhuan Falun three times. By the time I read the third time, I could see the characters clearly. By the fourth round, my vision was normal.

It was hard to read Zhuan Falun without my reading glasses in the beginning. I kept reminding myself of what Master said,

“I will leave you with a few words. During the course of your future cultivation, when you find it hard to endure, when you feel that you can no longer bear it, think of these words of mine. What are they? They are: “It’s hard to do, but you can do it; it’s hard to endure, but you can endure it.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou,” Zhuan Falun Fajie)

I kept repeating the phrase “It’s hard to do, but you can do it, it’s hard to endure, but you can endure it.” I knew I must not give up no matter how tough it was and not quit halfway.

I am now 81 years old. I can even read the pocket-sized version of Zhuan Falun. Master has given me clear eyesight!

Thank you, Master!