(Minghui.org) Although the number of people who quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) now exceeds 400 million, the daily number is only about 50,000. If we continue along this trend, the yearly number will be less than 20 million. I can't predict when we might meet Master’s requirement. 

People in this world, like us, came down from a high level with the purpose of saving sentient beings. Master saved us, so we should save sentient beings. Our responsibility is to wake up sentient beings by providing them with this last opportunity so that they can be saved; it is our historical mission. 

Master said:

“The Dafa disciples' three things are to be done well. At present, the most important thing is to save sentient beings, save more people! That is the most important thing.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Vol. VIII)

Therefore, as Falun Dafa, aka Falun Gong, practitioners, we must do the three things well. The more and the better we can clarify the truth, the more people we can save. 

Let us do the math; there are about 200,000 Dafa practitioners who participated in filing lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former Party leader who initiated the persecution of Falun Gong. If every one of these practitioners can save one person a day, we can save 2 million in 10 days, 6 million in a month, and nearly 80 million in a year. If we do that, the number of people who withdraw from the CCP will exceed 500 million in about 18 months, which will be one step closer to Master’s requirement (as I understand it) to save half of the people in China. Have we, especially those who participated in reporting Jiang’s crimes, done enough? 

In order to give practitioners more time to save sentient beings and fulfill our historical missions, Master has been patiently waiting. In the meantime, it gives more sentient beings a chance to be saved. Master has emphasized saving more people many times in his lectures. This is what Master expects, and what all sentient beings hope for. We must cherish the time that Master has extended for us through his enormous endurance, walk on the right path, and be grateful for Master’s compassionate salvation

I recently went back to my hometown to clarify the truth in the countryside. I found that many did not know about withdrawing from the CCP and its youth organizations. Some people learned about it from reading truth-clarification brochures, but did not make their declarations because they were passive, reluctant, or numb. Some told me they called the overseas phone number for quitting the CCP, but the call did not go through. After I explained the matter to them in detail, they all quit the CCP, especially those who had read truth-clarification materials. They also said that many people there knew the truth, but had not withdrawn from the CCP’s organizations.

All sentient beings are waiting for us to save them. All we need to do is take action and do it. I suggest that fellow practitioners contact their relatives and friends in the countryside and try our best to have them withdraw from the CCP. You may go back to the countryside, see what the situation is there, have an in-depth conversation with them, and save them. 

Some practitioners mentioned in their articles on the Minghui website that there was a lack of practitioners who could clarify the truth face-to-face. My personal understanding is the following. If one does not do well the first two of the three things, one will be trapped in fame and fortune. The more human notions one has, the more reluctance one will have face, and the less power there will be put into saving people. Staying in such a situation for a long time, one would lose their motivation for Dafa practice, and for saving more people. 

Fa-rectification is nearing its end. Time will not wait for us. We really need more practitioners who can break through the quagmire, step out, clarify the truth to people face to face, help sentient beings withdraw from the CCP, and pass on the goodness of Dafa to sentient beings.

Let us study the Fa well, cultivate ourselves well, utilize all possible time to save more people, and fulfill our historical missions.