(Minghui.org) I recently read several articles on the Minghui.org website where the author shared their understanding of a particular sentence in Master’s article “Wake Up”: “Most of our Dafa disciples will join me as the Fa rectifies the human world.”

The authors of these articles speculated who were “most of our Dafa disciples” and I feel that they were trying to interpret Master’s Fa with their human notions. Like other teachings from Master, as long as we read with calm and concentrated minds, the deeper meanings that we are supposed to know will naturally reveal themselves to us. For parts of the Fa teachings that we do not comprehend yet, we should not focus our energy on trying to figure out what each word or phrase means. By studying the Fa further or even memorizing it, we will gradually be able to understand it. Were we to force ourselves to come to a conclusion about what specific Fa teachings mean, illusions or even delusions may arise.

The Fa-rectification has reached its final stage and human society is facing significant challenges. Master has told us:

“...now a transition to the Fa’s rectification of the human world is taking place.” (“Wake Up”)

The next stage of the Fa-rectification could come at any moment and the time we have left is precious. As Dafa disciples, we should unconditionally harmonize what Master wants, which includes doing the three things well, including studying or memorizing Dafa teachings more. We should do our best, cultivate ourselves well, and let go of our attachments. With clear minds, we should intensify sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil elements. We should make the best efforts to clarify the facts and save people. These are our responsibilities and we should do them well.

We should ask ourselves honestly, “How have I been doing in cultivation and is there anything I have missed?” For areas where we did poorly, we need to catch up. When the Fa starts to rectify the human world someday as Master said, it is what it is and there will be minimal opportunities for us to make up for what we didn’t do well. Some of the articles mentioned above said they believed Master would give those practitioners who didn’t do well in the Fa-rectification period another chance to keep cultivating when the Fa rectifies the human world. Master has said that Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples will not have a second chance. In my view, it’s wishful thinking to assume that cultivating can continue when the Fa rectifies the human world.

Some people took up Dafa for its benefits to them, but what have they done when Dafa is being wronged and persecuted? While other practitioners are risking their lives assisting Master with the Fa-rectification, those people just focus on studying the Fa and sharing experiences, instead of fulfilling their vows to save people. They even used Master’s words to justify their failure to step forward to clarify the truth. Their incorrect understandings have also influenced many others who are unwilling to or afraid of stepping forward to save people. Now with Master’s article “Wake Up,” they are saying they belong to “Most of our Dafa disciples” that Master referred to, and will join Master “as the Fa rectifies the human world.” How is it possible that they didn’t do well now but are wishing to still enter the next phase of the Fa rectification and continue cultivating in the human world? That just wouldn’t work. After the Fa-rectification ends, there would be no further opportunities to keep cultivating, no matter how regretful we are.

We should always regard the Fa as teacher. Master has acknowledged Minghui, and we can trust the website. But that does not mean that everything written by practitioners and published on the website is correct. We cannot simply follow everything said by other practitioners in their sharing articles. After all, those whose articles get published on Minghui are still cultivating and their understandings are limited by their cultivation levels.

Regardless of what other practitioners write, we need to always remember to follow Master’s teachings. As Dafa disciples, having a faith in Master and Dafa is crucial. We need to evaluate our every thought using Dafa’s teachings as standards. This way, we’re less likely to make mistakes. Even if there are still mistakes, they will probably be minor. With Dafa in our minds, even if we are slightly off track, we’ll remember to use the Dafa teachings to correct ourselves and walk the path well, achieving a better result of saving people.

It is our mission to assist Master in saving people. We can let go of the attachment to the sheer number of people that we saved, but we cannot use that as an excuse to not save people at all. Master has saved us from hell, endured tremendously to eliminate our karma, and sacrificed so much for us. Master intends to save us and all other sentient beings. As disciples, we need to fulfill our vows and harmonize what Master wants. That means cultivating ourselves well and saving more people. This is what’s most important for us.

Master has treated us as disciples, but have we met the requirements for disciples? As disciples, what qualifications do we have to interpret what Master meant by “most of our Dafa disciples”? We may comment on which individual practitioners whom we know didn’t do well in whatever aspect, but we really don’t know how the majority of practitioners did. Only Master knows what is meant by “most of our Dafa disciples.”

Master said:

“The Fa-rectification will definitely succeed” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume V)

Master has also said:

“Dafa disciple”… “Dafa disciple,” what does being a “Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciple” mean? It is the foremost title and the most magnificent being in the cosmos.” (“Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York”)

As such, we practitioners should let go of attachments and put all of our energy in fulfilling our vows.

When the Fa rectifies the human world, if Master decides to keep someone, they will stay; if he tells some to leave, they will leave; if he tells some to do something, they will do something. Listening to Master’s words is the most correct and is the happiest. If we judge Master’s words with human notions, we are likely validating ourselves, which will not work.

As genuine Dafa disciples, we should spend the final leg of our journey doing our best in studying the Fa well while letting go of attachments. By saving sentient beings more, we can fulfill our vows.

Editor's note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)