(Minghui.org) I learned that our classmate, Sun, had cancer while I was at my junior-high school class reunion five years ago. I was surprised, so I got his phone number from a classmate. I wanted to visit and talk to him about Falun Dafa, but I was busy and didn’t contact him.

I ran into another classmate when I was picking up my relatives at the airport. She told me Sun was seriously ill. Perhaps Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, was reminding me to visit Sun.

I contacted Sun the next day and went to his home. His wife said sadly, “My husband has tongue cancer, and the doctor said there’s no cure. So he gave up on any kind of treatment and is resting at home.”

I talked to Sun about Falun Dafa and helped him withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I told him how I’ve benefited from the practice, and suggested he watch the videos of Master’s lectures in Guangzhou, and he said he would.

I brought him the DVD of the lectures the next day, and he told me about what he experienced in the past years.

Tasting and Experiencing the Fruits of One's Bad Deeds

Sun had two daughters. The first one got sick and died when she was 10. Before she passed away, she said with sadness that this family was truly nice. His wife became pregnant one year later. The second daughter was born on the same day and month as the first child. Could that be a coincidence?

Dafa practitioners believe that lives reincarnate, so perhaps the first daughter came back as the second child. She was reluctant to leave Sun’s family before she passed, and thus formed a karmic relationship with the family.

Sun was the class leader in school and after graduation, worked as a middle-level manager in the real estate bureau. To make more money, he established a demolition company. Although he made a good profit over the years, later on, he was often defrauded. He once owned five properties but was down to only one. Later, he lived in a friend’s house.

He was a wealthy man and owner of a company and five houses but was left with nothing in the end. Demolition companies in China operate like gangsters and don’t care if they destroy other people’s livelihoods. Sun had demolished others’ homes, so eventually he tasted the fruits of his deeds.

Cause and Effect

Sun seemed to understand the cause and effect of his actions, and he had several Buddha statues in the house. He also collected many qigong and Taoist books. He read and tried all kinds of things to help with his illness, but he didn’t know which one was real or good.

I suggested, “Falun Dafa is a good cultivation practice. All other qigong and Taoist books can interfere when you learn Falun Dafa, so it would be best to give them away.” He concurred and let me get rid of the statues and books for him.

I later found out through a classmate that Sun had been hospitalized. As I wondered whether I should visit him, his wife called and said he had passed away.

When I went to Sun’s house to pick up the DVD of Master’s lectures, his wife said, “I didn’t notify many people about his death, including a Taoist lady who taught him the practice. Her celestial eye is opened, and she came by the day after he died.”

“The lady said that when Sun visited her, he was sitting on a lotus flower. Sun told her that divine beings were waiting for him, and he asked her to take care of me. The Taoist lady didn’t understand why he was sitting on a lotus flower, which is not a symbol of her practice.” Sun’s wife didn’t know why either.

I asked if Sun had watched Master’s lectures, and the wife said he saw them twice and took watching them seriously. He even told other patients at the hospital that Dafa was good and that he was practicing it.

I realized then why Sun was sitting on a lotus flower when he visited his friend. He was fortunate to learn Falun Dafa near the end of his life. He saw the lectures twice and decided to practice, therefore, compassionate Master saved him. Although his life was cut short, Master Li blessed him. Sun seized the moment to be saved and return to heaven.

Miracles do exist and we are blessed to be practitioners. Revered Master saved us, and we should cherish Falun Dafa. I hope more people would learn about the greatness of Dafa, and break free from atheism and the deception of evolution. Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.