(Minghui.org) “Attending the Nine-Day Falun Dafa Class was a special experience,” said Mr. Wang. He explained that back in China, he witnessed how his mother’s health improved through practicing Falun Dafa. “She also became a person who cared about others,” he said.

That is why shortly after arriving in Singapore he looked up the local Falun Dafa website hoping to find more information. Two weeks later, he attended the class where he and other practitioners watched video lectures given by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa. “I am so happy to see Falun Dafa can be freely practiced in Singapore (even though it’s suppressed in China),” he said. “In addition, I learned how to do the exercises correctly.”

New practitioners watched videos of the Nine-Day Lectures given by Mr. Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s founder. 

Class attendees do the five sets of exercises 

Group discussion on the last day of the 9-day lecture session

Mr. Huang, also from China, said that since childhood, he’s seen and heard lots of defamatory propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against Dafa. It was not until he was old enough to work that he could overcome the CCP’s Internet blockade and access overseas information. He learned the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. This experience encouraged him to leave China and practice Falun Dafa. “I really appreciate the practitioners who helped me with the exercises. They are very kind and patient,” he said. “I used to have a hot temper, but Falun Dafa taught me to be considerate of others.” He said he planned to join local activities and recommend the practice to others. 

Jimmy is a teacher from Malaysia. By watching NTD Television, he learned the truth about the pandemic as well as Falun Dafa. He lived in China for a few years and watched NTD by using software to overcome the Internet blockade. Several weeks after arriving at Singapore, he noticed the Falun Dafa Association in Singapore. Out of curiosity, he looked on the Internet and found information on the Nine-Day Classes. “The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance mean a lot to me,” he said. 

Ms. Zhang came with her mother Ms. Huang. When Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa, visited Singapore in 1996, Ms. Zhang attended the lecture and decided to practice. “Falun Dafa helps me to stay calm and open-minded. I like it very much,” she added. 

Because of the CCP’s hate propaganda, Ms. Huang had misunderstandings about Falun Dafa. Through her daughter, Ms. Zhang, she gradually learned the facts and began to practice. By listening to audio lectures and reading Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Dafa, she learned to apply the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in her daily life. 

Located next to the Kallang subway station, the Falun Dafa Association in Singapore hosts Nine-Day Classes free of charge every quarter, to share the mind and body benefits of Falun Dafa with the community. The next session will begin on March 4 (Saturday) and end March 12 (Sunday), 2023. The time will be 7:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. every day. Please email: register@falundafa.org.sg for registration and other information.