(Minghui.org) When I began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1999, I had a kidney disease that did not respond to any medical intervention. Three months later, the condition disappeared! This is my story.

Before I got married at 24, a physical exam revealed that I had acute glomerulonephritis (inflammation in the kidneys), but I had no symptoms whatsoever. A year later, it became chronic. Most people with this condition, whether their condition is acute or chronic, all have generalized or local edema and all sorts of other problems. But I did not have any symptoms.

I went to see a famous doctor in our area. After reading my report, he looked me up and down, wondering how, at such a young age, I had come down with this difficult condition. He told me that it was an intractable disease and that there was no treatment for it. Tears ran down my face when I heard that. I was less than 26 then. What could I do?

By the time I was 27, the disease had worsened, and I now had nephrotic syndrome. I took all sorts of expensive herbal medications, but they did not have any effect on me. I heard that acupuncture-point injections worked, so I went into the hospital and had injections on 12 acupuncture points from my cervical spine to my tailbone. I don’t want to remember how awful that felt, but, again, it did not work.

Five months later, the hospital suggested dialysis, but they first had to create a fistula to connect an artery to a vein in my arm. When it was time for dialysis, they jabbed a needle the size of a small finger into the blood vessel, and the pain was excruciating. I had to go through it three times a week. It was also very expensive, and we had to pay for it all ourselves. When we ran out of money, they sent me home.

My husband suggested selling the house to pay for the treatment, but I disagreed. He lost his mother when he was a teenager and lost his father ten years later. If we sold the house and I still didn’t make it, he would have nothing left.

I lived in constant fear, feeling weaker by the day. I could hardly walk and stayed in bed most of the time. Watching my life fade away little by little, I was miserable. I felt helpless and lost hope.

A neighbor downstairs has a convenience store nearby. She, her parents, and her sisters all practice Falun Dafa. I met her mother in March 1999 when I was in their store making a phone call to inquire about a certain medication. Her mother asked me what was wrong. She recommended that I practice Falun Dafa and gave me a book called Falun Gong.

I was indoctrinated by atheism back then and did not believe such things. I’d also practiced some form of qigong in the past. It didn’t work, so I quit practicing it. But the elderly lady was kind and caring, and I did not want to offend her, so I took the book. It took me a few days to finish it and when I returned it to her, she gave me a thicker one, Zhuan Falun. I said it would take me too long to finish. But she encouraged me to just take my time. I was touched by her kindness and patience and I took the book home.

I came home, washed my hands, sat on the sofa, and began to read. When I was tired and felt like laying down, I remembered she told me to try my best to sit up straight as I read it. I finished the book in ten days.

When I finished the book, I felt like I had some energy. I was able to walk around in the house without a problem, and I was not as anxious. Since I’d finished the book, I needed to return it. I went to my neighbor’s and realized that her mother had left. My neighbor said I could keep the book and to keep reading. She told me that, when I understood it one day, I wouldn’t want to stop reading. I did not quite understand what she meant, but I think that was when I started to cultivate.

After that, reading the book became part of my daily routine. The more I read, the calmer I felt. A month later, I was able to do some household chores and organize the house. My husband was delighted to see how I’d changed.

A month later, my neighbor asked me to do the exercises with her. I did not even know there were exercises involved. I was worried I couldn’t get up in the morning, but my husband kept encouraging me. I was surprised that I was able to get to the site on time without stopping for a break even once. With my neighbor’s support, I was able to get to the exercise site daily and also study the Fa with the group regularly.

Two months in, I’d already forgotten that I was ill. I followed fellow practitioners everywhere to do the exercises, promote Dafa, and study the Fa. Every day was filled.

Later, I increased the amount of time that I did the exercises at home. Gradually, I could do the second exercise for two hours. And my illness disappeared without my noticing it. I was so happy that I could not help but tell everyone how good Dafa is. They were amazed.