(Minghui.org) My 96-year-old mother stepped into Falun Dafa cultivation practice in 2004. Although my mother has experienced several dangerous incidents, she has emerged unscathed, under the protection of Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa.

My mother used to live alone in our rural childhood home. My three siblings and I took turns to visit and take her out for walks. In July last year, I helped my mother move to a new home in the nearby city.

On the day after moving my mother into her new home, my niece called. “Auntie, come quickly. Grandmother fell and can’t get up. My mother is here with me too. Quickly come and unlock the door.” I changed my clothes and rushed over. As we lived nearby, I arrived within 10 minutes.

The three of us rushed in through the unlocked door and saw my mother lying beside the sofa. My mother told us, “I got up at 6 a.m. While walking around the house, I fell and couldn’t get up. I begged Master to have someone knock on my door, so I could alert them to my situation. You all came soon after.”

Originally, my sister and niece had no plans to visit. Coincidentally, they found themselves nearby, and decided on the spur of the moment to drop in and see my mother. 

We moved her to her bed before checking her condition. We saw no swelling in her leg, and she was able to move her lower back. We reported the situation to my elder brother, a medical doctor. He advised, “Since there is no obvious swelling, it is unlikely to be a fracture. Just have her lie down and rest.” 

At the time, my mother explained that she could sit and turn over while lying down, albeit with some pain. 

My brother returned home later and examined our mother. As he could not detect any abnormality, he turned to my sister and me. “I can’t find anything wrong. Because our mother is so old, I am unwilling to subject her to a hospital visit. However, this persistent pain has left her confined to bed. If this goes on, her health will deteriorate in three to four months. We can’t let her suffer like this. Let’s take her to the hospital.” Although my mother was not keen on the idea, my brother managed to convince her.

We went to the hospital the following day. Doctors confirmed by doing x-rays that my mother’s hip had suffered a fracture. We took my mother home while my brother went to consult an orthopedic doctor he knew. The orthopedic doctor told him, “Generally, we don’t perform hip replacement surgery on patients in their 90s like your mother. Her age increases the risk of her dying on the operating table.

“We operated on an elderly patient in a similar situation as your mother. We initially refused to operate, but the family kept begging us, saying they were willing to accept the consequences they might encounter. In the end, we went ahead with the operation. However, the elderly person did not regain the ability to walk and unfortunately suffered brain damage. He is now in a vegetative state.” 

“If we do nothing,” said our brother, “confining her to a bed like this will also cause her health to deteriorate. She could pass away within a few months. It is better to proceed with the operation.” After hearing from our brother, we siblings also agreed to proceed with the operation.

We took our mother to the hospital, and the operation was performed three to four days later. Before the procedure, the anesthesiologist advised us of the risks. “Due to her advanced age, general anesthesia might pose a significant risk. Even if the operation goes well, unforeseen brain damage could impair her mental functions significantly, even leaving her in a vegetative state. You must be mentally prepared for this.” Similarly, the orthopedic doctor warned my brother to mentally prepare himself for this outcome. I thought to myself, “My mother is a Falun Dafa practitioner, so this will not happen.”

On the day of the operation, I remained calm. As my mother was under Master’s care, we only expected miracles. As my elder sister is also a Dafa practitioner, I suggested to her, “Let’s silently recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” while waiting outside the operating theater. Let’s ask Master to ensure the operation goes smoothly.” 

My mother’s operation was over within an hour and 50 minutes. Afterwards, she was transferred back to her ward. A fellow ward patient, who was only in her 60s, had needed three and a half hours for the same procedure. Compared to non-practitioners, Dafa practitioners are truly blessed.

Three days after the procedure, my mother recovered her mental faculties and was back to feeling normal. The doctors were amazed at her quick mental recovery despite her advanced age. My mother was discharged a week later. Within half a month, she was walking around the house on her own with a walker. Soon, she was able to take care of herself.

My mother now listens to Master’s lectures daily. Whenever she encounters an issue, she searches within herself. “I want to be able to care for myself, instead of troubling my children. They have their own lives.”

Two months after the operation, the orthopedic doctor asked how my mother was doing. “She’s recovering well,” replied my brother. She can walk independently, using a walker. Thank you for helping her.” The doctor replied, “You don’t know how worried I was because of your mother! I feared complications would occur, or that she would pass away on the operating table.” My brother told him that my mother was a religious person, and gods were looking after her.

Our gratitude to Master cannot be expressed in words. We can only strive to cultivate well and save more sentient beings.