(Minghui.org) More and more Falun Dafa practitioners have moved out of China in recent years, and they have even outnumbered existing practitioners in other countries. The reasons for the new wave of immigration of practitioners vary, including seeking refuge (from persecution), longing for a better living environment, participating in truth-clarification projects, or having children attend schools outside of China or audition to join Shen Yun. Generally speaking, most of these practitioners left China for personal reasons, and very few are professionals sought after by Shen Yun.

These practitioners have caused some problems both inside and outside of China. One major issue is that they pass messages or hearsay to their counterparts still in China, instructing or inciting the latter to do things [that are often not in line with the Fa]. Such a phenomenon has never happened before, thus causing problems for the overall situation of Dafa practitioners.

The newly immigrated practitioners include those who never really cultivated Dafa genuinely or stepped forward to validate the Fa while in China. There are also many who were once arrested in China and renounced their faith while in detention; some even assisted the evil in persecuting other practitioners. After they moved to other countries, some of them wrote solemn statements to nullify the bad things they said about Dafa and vowed to resume cultivation and make up for the loss they caused to Dafa. However, it is no easy task to really resume cultivation and make up for the losses in a persecution-free environment outside of China, because these practitioners still harbor numerous human notions and Party culture elements. Only by cultivating diligently and catching up can they have hope.

These practitioners seem to always know what’s going on with everything. While they claim to want to cultivate and participate in various projects, they allow their human notions to run rampant. Showing off, doing things for the purpose of doing things, playing mind games, being arrogant, feeling no shame for their wrongdoings, failing to distinguish between right and wrong – aren’t all these manifestations of the hooliganism of the wicked Communist Party and the Party culture? Why can’t they recognize and reject such human notions?

Recently an article titled “Sharing my conversations with fellow practitioners also working at Ganjing World” has been circulating in some parts of China. According to Ganjing World management, the author of the article was not an employee as he claimed to be and the company had never said anything mentioned in the article. But the author made it sound like his conversations were from internal sources, thus deceiving quite some practitioners in China. Prior to this, some were passing to practitioners in China so-called insider’s information from the mountain and Master’s lecture given to Shen Yun only. There were also people who called for practitioners in China to donate money to overseas projects, subscribe to practitioner-run platforms, or do other things.

Instead of hurrying up to cultivate and save people after moving out of China, these self-righteous practitioners are interfering with the cultivation environment both inside and outside of China. Have they ever thought about the grave consequences? Can they handle the karma and losses incurred? Are they believing in themselves or the divine? It is time to face these issues head-on.

There is no shortcut in cultivation. We must cultivate solidly and measure every thought and action of ours against the Fa at all times. We hereby specifically remind these newly immigrated practitioners to conduct themselves well. We also hope that they do not harbor ill thoughts and exclude themselves [from the one body of practitioners] in seeing our criticism of them. Dafa disciples are one body in the eyes of the divine in the universe. Safeguarding Dafa and walking a righteous path in the human world is not just any individual disciple’s responsibility and mission.

Minghui Editorial BoardNovember 14, 2022