(Minghui.org) The persecution of Falun Dafa is still going on in China, and we’ve reminded practitioners in China numerous times to pay attention to security and safety issues. However, there are always some who neglect our advice or have trouble figuring out what they should and should not be doing as Dafa practitioners. 

Here is a quick example. In May 2022, the Falun Dafa Association issued a notice “Soon Available to Order” saying that winter coats designed for Falun Dafa practitioners to wear during group activities would soon be available to order. Shen Yun Creations, Ganjing World, and Sound of Hope also announced a welcome for subscribers to their platforms. 

Upon learning of above news, some in China started calling for practitioners to send in orders for the winter coats or subscribe to above-mentioned platforms. They even offered to help people make the purchase by gathering personal information such as legal name, address, email, phone number, bank account, Alipay, and WeChat Pay (the latter two being online payment platforms under the surveillance of the communist regime). 

There is no guarantee that these people who offered to help others are reliable Dafa practitioners. We do not know if the computers or other devices they use are free of spyware or where they really store the gathered confidential information. Therefore, allowing such people to help us place orders or purchase subscriptions is unsafe on many levels. Our practitioners should have really learned lessons from similar incidents in the past; otherwise we risk causing damage and losses again if similar scenarios happen in the future. 

On a separate note, some practitioners are inclined to show off and impose their opinions on others. For instance, one such practitioner produced his own 2-hour exercise music when the approved piece is one hour. He even dared to request Minghui.org to publish his 2-hour music. It’s a personal decision to do the exercises longer if people have more time, but we ask that they do not try to force their ideas on others or show off. We’ve also had people who claimed they no longer needed exercise music since they’ve reached high levels.

Please be warned that anyone modifying Master’s teachings in any form is sabotaging the Fa and will face grave consequences.

We’d like to remind everyone again that we must follow the Fa as our teacher. Only then can we remain unswayed by others who attempt to make us follow them to go awry in cultivation.

Minghui Editorial BoardNovember 13, 2022