(Minghui.org) The Chinese Communist Party has been persecuting Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) since July 1999. During the past 23 years, many Dafa disciples have overcome various kinds of serious tests and tribulations and they are walking toward consummation. However, there are also practitioners who have fallen into the old forces’ vicious trap, gotten lost in the everyday society, or even enlightened along an evil path.

The Taipei Assistants Center in Taiwan reported a case on August 4. It mainly concerned people who had visited or passed on a website publishing contents of evil enlightenment many years ago.

Anyone who has read and shared any type of websites with contents of evil enlightenment would invite low-level spirits, rotten ghosts, or vicious substance behind those contents. If that person failed to come to his senses in a timely manner and completely eliminate the interferences, he would be controlled by those evil factors all the time. The evil would then exploit his attachments, ego, and desires, making him do more irrational things until he is completely ruined.

Unfortunately, the people involved in the Taiwan case have been like this for more than 10 years. From visiting and spreading the said website with evil enlightenment content to refusing to write Solemn Declarations to nullify what they said that sabotaged Dafa, from failing to clean up the evil factors to opposing the cultivation environment arranged by Master, and from boasting their “high” cultivation level to forming their own factions and coming up with rituals for others to follow, they have done all sorts of irrational things.

Most recently, they have altered more than 300 copies of Dafa books that were officially published in Taiwan, and brought some copies to mainland China when a few of them went there. Enlightening along an evil path and undermining the Fa is what the demons that damage Dafa want. The Fa had long warned what kind of ending the old forces would arrange for those who undermine the Fa. If those who had enlightened along an evil path could stop their wrongdoings immediately and publish Solemn Declarations to repent their mistakes and lessen the impact, it would be the best that could happen to them. If they wish to remain under the control of the Fa-damaging demons, they would continue to go down the path arranged by the demons.

Like the case mentioned above, many others, who visited and spread websites made by non-practitioners with ill intentions to damage Dafa or former practitioners who have enlightened along an evil path, have not repented their wrongdoings or eliminated the karma generated through their wrongdoings. The fact that they are still doing all kinds of bad things to ruin themselves and harm others is partly because people around them are still giving them an audience.

We hope practitioners who have heard about the Taiwan case or read this article could cultivate themselves more. If we all cultivate ourselves solidly, the low-level spirits and rotten ghosts would automatically flee or be eliminated. The vicious elements would be cleaned up thoroughly.

This article again serves as a reminder to pay attention to this matter and we hope the concerned people could stop their wrongdoings.

Minghui Editorial Board
October 8, 2022