(Minghui.org) I recall something that happened to me more than a decade ago. It was time for my monthly menstrual flow when I noticed that my bleeding was rather heavy. I initially didn’t give it much thought since I am a Dafa practitioner, and I do not acknowledge the old forces’ arrangements. Nevertheless, I sent forth righteous thoughts. The blood flow was still heavy on the third day. It was unsettling. I called another practitioner and asked her to come over and send righteous thoughts with me. When she asked me what was going on, I just replied that I did not feel well. 

My husband, who did not practice Dafa, walked in. He was not aware of how I was feeling, and asked me to help him out on a construction site. I agreed and let the other practitioner know that I had to go out for a while, and not to come by until later. 

I worked for three hours at the construction site. The fellow practitioner did not show up until after dark. After I explained to her my situation, she started to list things that I did not do well in the past when examined based on the principles of Dafa. She implied that my health was a manifestation of my cultivation problem. I listened patiently, and then she left. 

I thought about what that practitioner said while on my way to the supermarket. Her words were a bit harsh, but she was worried that I did not cultivate diligently. Thinking it over, I realized that perhaps it had been a few years that I had not done well. Instantly, a thought came to mind: “It’s just a normal period.” I knew that it was Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, who put those words in my mind. I knew that the bleeding had subsided and I felt comfortable. My body returned to normal.

I had planned to have the fellow practitioner send righteous thoughts with me. She came late and did not send righteous thoughts with me. Rather, she pointed out my problems from a cultivation perspective. I was not angry. Instead, I looked within, admitted those problems, and regretted my lack of diligent cultivation. Those thoughts were in line with Dafa’s xinxing requirements. As a result, my health returned to normal. I thank Master for this arrangement.

I also understood that whatever happens, we must treat everything with compassion, so we can assimilate into Dafa. Master will be there to help us overcome tribulations. If you don’t have righteous thoughts or if your mind is not stable, you will have to face the path arranged by the old forces. I truly appreciate the advice from my fellow practitioner.