(Minghui.org) Over the years, when I helped people do the three withdrawals (renounce their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party and its two youth organizations), most people did so using their real names. Occasionally I used aliases for some who were concerned about their safety.

Since most people I talked with used their real names, I didn’t pay much attention to preparing aliases, and I only remembered a few common names for males and females. Should I need to use an alias, I just used one of them along with the person’s surname.

I got by just fine, but occasionally, I ran into difficulties, and I also had some interesting experiences.

Occasionally, all the people I helped quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations in one day shared the same surname, men and women. Even though they were not related, it felt like they had arranged to quit on the same day. It was really quite interesting, and I ran into similar situations a number of times.

One day, I helped five or six people quit the CCP organizations separately, and all of them had the surname “Wang.” They were all men, and all wanted to use an alias, so I had to add an additional character between their surname and the few aliases I knew.

Once, I was clarifying the truth to a man with the same surname as mine. Seeing that he was a bit hesitant about using his real name to quit the CCP, I suggested a name for him (which was my own name). “But that is my real name!” he said in surprise.

“Guess what my name is?” I asked.

He looked puzzled, not knowing what I was getting at.

“That is my name, too,” I told him.

We were both amazed by the coincidence.

On another occasion, after I clarified the truth to a middle-aged woman, she said she agreed with everything I told her and said, “I feel as if we were old friends.”

I asked about her surname when helping her do the three withdrawals.

“Chen is my surname,” she said, expecting me to give her an alias.

“How about you use Chen X?” I suggested.

“But that’s my real name!” she said excitedly. “We truly have an affinity!”

Another time, a man came over just after I'd finished talking with two young men.

“What did you say to them?” the man asked me. “They look so happy.”

I told him that I was telling them about how to stay safe. The man looked like he had been drinking and his face was pretty flushed.

The two young men were still there, so I was concerned about how receptive the man would be if I asked him to quit the CCP and I didn’t want him to cause a scene. I didn’t want to continue talking to him and tried to encourage him to move on.

However, the man stayed and wanted to hear what we were talking about.

With no choice, I clarified the facts to him. To my surprise, he agreed to quit the Party straight away, using his real name. What was more surprising was that his name was the same as the alias I'd given to one of the young men earlier.

Once on a bus, I talked with a woman, who was very receptive to what I said, but she was about to get off the bus. I quickly asked what her surname was and she told me, "Fan.”

“How about I help you quit the CCP using the name Fan Lan?” I asked.

“Sure, that will be fine.” she replied and then got off the bus.

Later, I realized that “Fan Lan” put together is pronounced the same as “lazy” in Chinese.

I regretted that I'd given her such a name, but then I thought: The most important thing is that she learned the truth and agreed to quit the CCP. I’m sure she would understand that I didn’t have time to think of a better name for her then.

I learned from this lesson that I had to prepare more aliases to avoid similar inconveniences.

I believe that everyone we come across may have a predestined relationship with us one way or another. Still, sometimes I tend to be a bit selective about whom I talk to. For example, I’m always more cautious about how to clarify the truth to people who live in my own neighborhood than strangers, with whom I am much more relaxed and go straight to the point.

The funny thing is that some of the “strangers” I helped quit the CCP organizations actually live in my neighborhood, and often, very close to me.

Our neighborhood is an old one. Many original owners sold their apartments and new people moved in. I've run into quite a few people I helped quit the Party some time ago, and they all said, “We live so close to each other, we truly have a predestined relationship!”