(Minghui.org) I benefited tremendously from cultivating in Falun Dafa. Although I’m in my 80s, my hair is jet black and I’m healthy. I never let my children worry about me and am completely self-sufficient. I feel so happy to be immersed in Dafa. However, I worry for those who still don’t know the truth of the persecution. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done so many bad things and it’s time for it to go. Below are some stories from my cultivation path that I’d like to share with you all.

Helping a Stranger

One day last spring when I was waiting for the traffic light to change, I heard an older lady ask a young lady next to her if everyone was required to wear masks when going to the bank. When the elderly lady learned she needed a mask, she was upset as she forgot hers and had to turn back. What a pity! I noticed she had difficulty walking. I told her not to worry and gave her my spare mask. She was so touched and wanted to thank me. After she knew that I was 81 years old, she said, “My dear sister, you did a big favor to me. I have difficulty walking. Now I can go to the bank directly. You saved me such a big hassle.”

After I finished grocery shopping, I decided to go to the bank to wait for the older lady to finish her business and help her home. She was a little overweight and much taller than me. If I didn’t obtain Dafa, I would’ve been very tired, so how could I help others?! I used to suffer from tachycardia, vertigo, gastrointestinal disease, etc. All my diseases vanished shortly after I started cultivation and I’m now illness-free. What a big difference!

After we arrived at this woman’s home, she insisted that I take a rest and chat with her. She told me that she had a daughter in another city and two sons who also lived far away. They are all very busy. Her husband worked in another city. He is the director of a big company and has a packed schedule. He wired her money, so sometimes she had to go to the bank. I realized that I could not stay long because it was time for me to go back and start cooking zongzi (a traditional Chinese food made from sticky rice and wrapped with bamboo leaves). She mentioned that zongzi was one of her favorite foods and she hasn’t had them in a while. 

The following day I visited her with freshly cooked zongzi. She was thrilled and wanted to give me something as a sign of appreciation. I refused and told her that I am a practitioner of Falun Dafa and follow our Master’s instruction to be kind and help others. 

I also gave away zongzi to my neighbors, ill friends, and my relatives who lived in the suburbs. My sister-in-law told her daughter, “Your aunt is so kind.” Though zongzi is my favorite food, I only left a few for myself. I felt so happy to see others enjoy the zongzi I made. 

Buying a Dress for a Friend

When I was chatting with one of my classmates, I learned about the hardships one of our classmates named Binghua was going through. Binghua had rheumatoid arthritis, which caused pain all over her body and she could not take care of herself. Her husband distanced himself from her and hardly lived with her anymore. Even the nanny discriminated against her. Binghua suffered a lot. 

I sympathized with her situation and I brought some gifts when I visited her one day. We talked about the good old days. She was very happy. She told me that she used to be well cared for by her husband, but not anymore and that she hated him. I advised her not to hate her husband. I told her that Buddhist theory says that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you treated him badly in a previous life. I advised her to take it as paying off a debt.

She said my silk clothes were so pretty and that she wanted a beautiful dress. She said even a wish like that could no longer be fulfilled because no one would help her. Her children were all in other cities. I said that was easy as I could do it for her. I asked what type of dress she liked and bought her a very artistic pink dress the next day. When I gave it to her, she loved it and insisted she pay me back. I declined and said it was my gift to her. 

Since then, I visit her often. She wore that dress most of the summer. She told me that she felt young and energized wearing it. She appreciated my company and care for her, saying Dafa is so good. However, she thought that she missed the chance to cultivate. She used to want to practice but her husband was strongly against it. I told her that it is never too late to start; even reciting “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” would benefit her health. 

Knowing the Truth, Becoming Younger

Some of my classmates gather every few years. There were 45 of us when we graduated, but fewer and fewer attend each time. Last fall we gathered once again and only a little over a dozen could make it. Some had passed away, others had health issues that prevented them from attending. Some no longer could think straight or remember things. However, one fellow that was there looked very healthy and strong, like he was in his 60s. Everyone was surprised and asked him how he'd done it and what he ate. He said he'd had surgery for cancer and had to have dialysis. He couldn't see his feet when he stood his abdomen was so swollen. 

It turned out that, several years ago I had visited this classmate’s home and told his family about how the CCP defamed Falun Dafa. He and his wife learned the truth and both of them quit the CCP. I also told them to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” so they would be healthy. They said they would do it.

There are many examples among my friends and family who know the truth and became healthy. On their behalf, I bow to Master in gratitude. You’ve endured too much for sentient beings.