(Minghui.org) Reading the article “Minghui Publishing Center to Launch New Website” reminded me of a deeply-buried desire. I have been using Minghui journals to tell people about Falun Gong for many years, and I’d always wished that Minghui would produce a high-quality journal, one that was better designed and had more comprehensive content that would appeal to more educated people and those in the upper class.

In China, we call Minghui journals “pamphlets,” and we have distributed them for over 20 years. They have played a huge role in saving people. Many practitioners also like to read them, because they help us to clarify the facts from different angles and with different stories. The pamphlets are inexpensive, simple to produce in large quantities, and easy to distribute.

Over the years, the pamphlets have gotten larger, from size A6 (4.13 x 5.83 inches) to size A5 (5.83 x 8.27 inches). The content has gotten richer and the layout more exquisite. Practitioners in China have also paid more attention to the look and feel of the final product. Currently, most of the pamphlet covers are printed on thinner, coated paper which is much better than regular copy paper.

I think many practitioners in China would absolutely agree with this comment in the article: “After 22 years, there have been many changes in China, including people’s knowledge, viewpoints, living conditions, and lifestyle.” 

It has become harder and harder to distribute Falun Dafa materials in newer communities, most of which are strictly managed and monitored, especially during the pandemic. Compared to commercially-printed materials, one could easily tell that our pamphlets weren’t professionally made. Furthermore, the content of a single pamphlet is relatively simple and lacks a variety of content that might appeal to people of the upper class.

People in regular residential communities are relatively easier to reach. Many people have read the pamphlets and quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). People in the upper classes have relatively fewer opportunities to receive the pamphlets. Even if they get one by chance, it may not appeal to them.

Given the new situation, I believe we need to make adjustments to our way of thinking about how to save more people. To reach to the upper classes, we have been sending emails, CDs, and USB flash drives, which have indeed played a significant role. However, they also have limitations such as stringent internet censorship and people’s hesitancy to open electronic files because they are concerned about computer viruses.

In these circumstances, if Minghui could publish a journal targeting the upper, more educated classes, it would be a great help. I think a quarterly, size A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) magazine with well-written articles suitable for such people would be good. Practitioners in China will produce it according to the magazine standards. It will be relatively expensive and it cannot be distributed just anywhere like a pamphlet. It might be more like the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party that we can pass along to friends and relatives.

I’d also like to share our thoughts on the fact that Tiandi Cangsheng will soon become a quarterly periodical. I would like to remind practitioners in China who submit articles to the Minghui website that, although real names are not required due to security reasons, the article should always include relevant personal information, such as occupation, family, location in the city, and state level. In group Fa study, we often hear touching and miraculous real-life stories, and we encourage these practitioners to write them down because they can help us clarify the truth. Minghui provides a platform for us to work together. With many talented practitioners, we can make the Minghui journals better and spread them more widely both in China and abroad.