(Minghui.org) I am 84 years old this year, and I started practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution started in 1999. Before that, I suffered from all kinds of ailments. Master purified my body after I began practicing and all my illnesses were resolved. I have not had to take a single pill for more than two decades and my body feels light when I walk. Words can’t express my gratitude for Master.

Displaced Stomach Returns to Normal

My stomach was displaced before I practiced Dafa. The doctor said that my stomach was displaced downward by 7 cm and when I became old, I would not be able to stand up straight. When I did chores, I tied my stomach with a belt. When I took off the belt after finishing chores, my stomach would slip with a “thud” sound. I tried all kinds of methods to treat the problem but nothing worked.

My nephew’s wife said, “Why don’t you practice Falun Dafa.” I said, “I tried everything but nothing helped. Would Falun Dafa help?” She replied firmly, “Yes!” I went with her to the exercise site. At that time, many people practiced Falun Dafa in public. As I did the exercises, I felt something spinning in my stomach. I asked her, “Why is my stomach spinning?” She said happily, “That’s the Falun turning!”

I lived in the village then and had to do all the chores. I raised many pigs and I shoveled the animals’ dung out the pen. A day after I did the exercises, I tied my waist as usual and went out to do farm chores. As I worked, my stomach felt tightly bound by the belt and it was uncomfortable. I stopped and took off the belt. However this time, my stomach did not drop with a thud like before. Nothing happened at all, and I felt comfortable.

From then on, my stomach was normal and no longer dropped. All my ailments disappeared as well and no matter how far I walked or when I did heavy chores, I felt fine. It was wonderful! Thank you Master for giving me a healthy body!

I Will Practice Falun Dafa

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to outlaw Falun Dafa and demonize it in 1999. One after another, practitioners went to Beijing to speak out for Dafa. I studied the Fa before going to Beijing. When I read Zhuan Falun I discovered that the characters in the book were purple and red. On the way to Beijing, I felt the vehicle lift up into the air.

I sat down and began meditating when I got to Tiananmen Square. A police officer asked what I was doing. I said, “Doing the exercise.” He asked, “Why did you come all the way here to do the exercises?” I replied, “Why, can’t I do the exercises here?”

I was taken to a room. Another police officer asked, “Why did you do the exercises?” I said, “I used to be ill. I became healthy after I practiced Falun Dafa, yet you don’t let me do the exercises.” He did not say anything and let me go home.

I went to the train station and saw someone meditating. When I joined the person I was taken away by the police. After being detained for three days, I was taken home by police officers from the city in my hometown. They detained me in a drug rehabilitation center. Police from my village later asked if I still practiced Falun Dafa. I answered yes and they sent me back to the drug rehabilitation center.

At the rehabilitation center, I was made to sit on a tiny stool. The police officer kept asking me if I still practiced Falun Dafa. I said, “Of course. When I was sick, no one cared. I practiced Falun Dafa and became healthy. I did not spend a single cent, why would you tell me not to practice?” He said, “Shouldn’t you follow the Chinese Communist Party?” I replied, “Who wants to follow the Party? It walks on an evil path!” He asked, “Then who do you want to follow?” I said, “I follow my Master!” He did not say anything and left. I was detained in the drug rehabilitation center for 42 days.

Officers from the police station in my village came to take me home. One of them said to me, “Aunt, you should keep practicing. My mother-in-law does it too.” I was taken to the police station and asked if I planned to return to Beijing. I said, “No, it is no use wherever I go, no one will listen to me. But I will never give up Falun Dafa. If you want me to sign a statement, you will have to promise to treat me if I fall ill again!” They had no choice but to send me home. They came to my house every few days for fear I would return to Beijing. They took my identification card.

Persisting in Clarifying the Truth

I began to hand out materials telling people the facts about Falun Dafa, and I posted messages in public areas. One night after midnight, I was about to go out and distribute materials. As I walked to the door, I heard two people walking past leading their horses. I heard someone ask them, “What are you doing?” The men said they were walking their horses. The person said, “Go away quickly, I am waiting for someone here.” I recognized the man’s voice—he was an official in my village. He wanted to stop me from clarifying the truth. Since he was waiting outside the front door, I slipped out the back door and went to stick messages near his house. I even stuck a message on the utility pole outside his front door.

I did not feel afraid. Whether I walked on mountain paths, or in deep trenches, I was not scared and walked long distances. I gave out 50 to 100 booklets every time.

I later moved to the city to help my second son take care of his children, and I joined a local Fa study group. An older female practitioner took me along to clarify the truth to people face to face. One time, two practitioners spoke to a person and yet he did not quit the CCP. I thought, “Why don’t I ask him?” Unexpectedly, he gladly agreed to renounce his Party membership. I went to the wholesale markets to clarify the truth alone. I spoke to stall holders, students, and whoever I ran into.

My method of telling people the facts is simple. I don’t talk too much. For example, when I talk to primary students, I asked, “What grade you are in? Have you joined the young pioneers?” If he said yes, I say, “We don’t want to be part of the Party, why don’t you quit your membership?” After he agrees to quit the CCP, I then tell him to remember, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

When I talk to elderly people I ask, “Have you heard that millions of people have quit the CCP?” Then I ask, “Are you a Party member?” If they say yes, I say, “Let me help you renounce your membership. We don’t want to be part of this evil Party. Many people have received blessings after renouncing their membership in the Party.” I ask them to remember: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Body Light as a Swallow

As I am uneducated, sometimes I don’t know how to handle things like a practitioner. I suddenly lost my eyesight one day. My grandson took me to the hospital and the doctor said I needed an operation. When a practitioner came to my house I told her about it. I asked her, “Do you think I should not go to the hospital?” My nephew who was there interrupted me, “Why shouldn’t you go?” The practitioner asked me to think about it. I realized I shouldn’t have gone to the hospital.

Because I did not know how to explain things to my family, I simply refused to go no matter what they said. A miracle happened a few days later. My eyesight returned. I needed to wear glasses to read the book in the past, but I no longer needed them. When practitioners knocked on the door, although it was not loud, I could hear it clearly. My hearing and eyesight improved and my body moved like a young person.

I walk swiftly and usually no one can overtake me. One time, while walking on the road, a man in his 60s rode a bicycle in front of me. He was carrying a woman. I walked behind them but soon passed them. The man was curious and asked the woman to get off the bicycle. He chased after me saying, “How can you walk so fast?” I said, “I practice Falun Dafa.”

One day when I returned home from group Fa study I climbed the stairs and fell. I was in such pain I could not stand up. I quickly asked Master for help. The pain immediately went away and I could get up and walk. I was in pain for several days at home but when I went out to clarify the truth, I was fine.

At times, when I saw the dark clouds outside and a storm was coming, I would ask Master, “Please don’t let it rain. Wait till I get home.” Master truly helped me. The minute I reached home, the rain would come pouring down.

Another incident made me realize that everything has a spiritual side. For a period of time, my mouth was full of blisters and I could not eat anything. When a practitioner came over, I told her about it. She said that maybe I did not cultivate my speech and that was causing the problem. I said, “I go out to clarify the truth after sending righteous thoughts at 6 a.m. I study the Fa and do the exercises when I return home. I don’t talk to anyone, how can it be that I did not cultivate my speech?”

My oldest daughter visited me one day. She is a practitioner too. She also said that perhaps I did not pay attention to what I said. But I simply couldn’t find where I had gone wrong. Just as my daughter was leaving, the refrigerator began to make loud sounds again. I said, “You stupid fridge, how annoying!” My daughter said, “See, that is not cultivating speech. The refrigerator is also a living being, it came to the house of a Dafa practitioner. It is here to assimilate to the Fa and has a spiritual side too. When you curse at it, aren’t you creating karma?”

After my daughter left, I apologized to the refrigerator. I did not know what else to say, and touched it. Unexpectedly, the machine moved back a half meter and stopped making a noise.

From then on, it never made any noises again and my mouth got better. I later told a practitioner, “In the past, whenever the refrigerator made a sound, I would get angry and start scolding it. I hit it with my fists and used a shoe to block the gap beneath it. The refrigerator must have suffered a lot. But I did not know anything then. I thank Master for enlightening me!”


I have experienced many things since practicing cultivation. I feel that I am far from meeting Master’s requirements. I don’t have enough compassion and still harbor resentment towards those who persecute practitioners. I will strive to study the Fa diligently in future, be more compassionate, and follow Master back home.