(Minghui.org) One morning in October 2021, someone knocked on my door. I didn’t open the door and asked who was there. The person said that he was a village committee director, and that he and a few police officers had previously come a few times to my home, but I was not there. He said he came to deliver a message: In a few days some people will come to ask me to sign a document. If I don’t sign it, I will be taken away.

I told him, “Please tell those who want me to sign that I am a legal citizen, and they must have the related legal approval to force me to sign anything.” He stressed that he just came to deliver the message, and asked for my phone number to prove that he had come and talked to me.

After he left, I was a little disturbed. My past experiences of harassment, detention, and persecution came to mind. I immediately realized it was wrong to think about those past things. I quickly corrected myself. I recalled what fellow practitioners shared during Fa study, that we are Dafa disciples who bear great responsibility and a mission of saving sentient beings. Master bestowed us with special abilities, and we should not just blindly suffer the evil’s persecution. We must fight against the persecution and disintegrate the evil for my sake, for that of fellow practitioners, and for all people.

Master said:

“In the face of the groundless harming, in the face of the persecution of Dafa, and in the face of the injustice forced upon us, we cannot handle things or categorically accept things as before in personal (“Fa-Rectification and Cultivation,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The evil’s unreasonable persecution of us is also a persecution of Dafa. As Dafa disciples, we should safeguard and validate the Fa. We are good people, but being good people does not mean we can be easily bullied by the evil. We have the ability granted by Master to disintegrate the evil in other dimensions.

I felt relieved. After discussing this issue with a fellow practitioner, we decided to talk to the village committee director first. We went to his home. He was not at home. His wife called him and handed the phone to me. I told him who I was and that my family and I wanted to know who actually wants to take me away if I refuse to sign the document; is it him or others. I also told him that I documented the situation of his coming to talk to me yesterday, and when he returns, he can sign it. It would prove that he had talked to me. Then if something happened to me, he will be the first one that my family goes to.

He immediately refused to sign it and stressed that he was just a messenger. The other practitioner took the phone and said to him, “In the field of law, your action is called a verbal subpoena, which you don’t have the right to do. You have violated the law. Only police officers have the power to do this if they are handling a case and have legal grounds. Otherwise, they may be violating the law as well.”

Then I told the director, “Because you were ignorant of the law, if you no longer participate in this matter, your name will no longer be written in my complaint. However, I will sue whoever participates in it.”

I also suggested that he avoid doing such things in the future and that he not cooperate with the police to persecute good people. Otherwise, it will bring trouble for him. He felt my kindness and gave me the names of people who had gone to my home with him. He even told me what those people intended to do with me.

When the director’s wife learned that we came to talk to her husband about Falun Dafa. Her facial expression changed, and she had a look of contempt. However, when she heard that we would sue whoever was involved, she changed. She was smiling and making excuses for her husband. She even took the initiative to learn about Falun Dafa; she said that she had never believed in any gods or Buddhas.

The fellow practitioner and I told her about some legal cases. One case really shocked her. A village cadre told a Falun Dafa practitioner to go and talk to police. However, the practitioner was then arrested, and soon after was beaten to death. The family of the practitioner filed a lawsuit. The family also sued the deceived village officer, who not only was upset by his own conscience because the practitioner was killed, but who was also facing legal responsibility. The village officer’s family was no longer at peace.

We mentioned another case that involved a village cadre. The police asked the village cadre to help them locate an elderly practitioner and told the cadre that they just wanted to talk to the practitioner. However, when the cadre led them to the field where the practitioner worked, the police came and took the practitioner away. The practitioner came back alive after being detained for over 10 days. However, her children wanted to seek justice, since they knew their mother did not commit any crime. The first target was the deceived village cadre. Whoever persecutes a Falun Dafa practitioner, not only violates the law in the human world, but is also subject to heaven’s principle, “Good is rewarded with good, and evil meets with retribution.”

I felt that my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger while talking. It’s evident that people are indeed eager to be saved. The director’s wife even politely invited us to stay for dinner before we left.

We decided to go talk to the officers who had previously gone to my home. So we went to the police station, but didn’t get to meet with anyone because they were all in a long meeting. I got an officer’s phone number and called him later. As soon as I mentioned that he had been to my home, he immediately argued that he had nothing to do with the matter and said that he would never go to my home again. He hung up the phone hurriedly.

From this experience, I realized that we should actively dissolve the persecution, rather than passively endure it. We have often heard from police officers who arrest practitioners say things like, “We know you are good people, but please cooperate with us since we are under pressure from higher authorities and have no other options.” The implication is that we should passively endure it.

We must wake up quickly. Take on our responsibilities as a king or a lord. Use our special abilities that Master has bestowed upon us to eliminate the cosmic thugs who are trying to destroy all living beings.