(Minghui.org) One day, a practitioner had just returned home when she heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was her family members, she opened the door and five people—two real estate agents and three police officers from the police station and the Domestic Security Bureau—forced their way into her home. 

One of the officers asked if she was still practicing Falun Dafa before they ransacked her home. They saw Master Li’s (the founder of Falun Dafa) photo and confiscated it.

At that moment, the practitioner thought of stopping them so they don’t generate karma as a consequence of their actions.

The police officers also confiscated Dafa books and informational materials that they had found and left. As they headed downstairs, the practitioner immediately sent forth strong righteous thoughts, “Do not allow them to destroy Dafa materials. They must return everything they took.”

Immediately, the officer-in-charge said that he was going to bring everything they had taken back to the practitioner’s home. 

They placed the confiscated items on a bed and took photos of them. They then told the practitioner that she had to sign several documents if she wanted the items back. She refused to comply and the police took the items with them again. 

She grabbed onto one of the officers and said, “Give me the books! You said you were going to return the books. I won’t let you go unless you give them back.”

The officer told the practitioner to let go of him, but she refused. The officer then told her she’d have to go with them to get her belongings back. 

The practitioner followed them downstairs where they ran into her family. Together they convinced the officers to return the practitioner’s Dafa books.

The practitioner still followed the officers to their car to make sure they didn’t keep anything else. They lifted the seats to show her there was nothing else in the vehicle. The practitioner, however, saw that the driver was reading a Dafa book and asked for it back.